January 17, 2022

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PSOE wants construction of the new Prosperity Health Center to begin in 2023

PSOE wants construction of the new Prosperity Health Center to begin in 2023

Yesterday afternoon, at the request of Neighbors Association La Aldehuela, there was a meeting between representatives of this neighboring group and representatives of PSOE from Salamanca, which was attended by municipal spokesman Jose Luis Mateos, councilor Maria Sanchez and Cortes Castilla candidates Leon Fernando Pablos, Luis Rodriguez and Agustin Navarro.

During this meeting, the socialist representatives of the members of the League of Neighbors of La Dehuila reiterated Commit to building the new Health Prosperity Center as soon as possible. This sanitary infrastructure is absolutely essential and its construction has been the subject of initiatives by socialists both in the Salamanca City Council and in Cortes Castilla and Leon in recent years. The last of these socialist initiatives was approved in the Independent Parliament’s Health Committee on October 15, agreeing to start work before the end of the legislature, whichstapa Expected May 2023.

Taking into account that the irresponsible call for regional elections by Mr. Maneko prevented the approval of the budgets of the junta of Castilla and Leon for 2022, and that updating the functional needs of the center and the project prepared more than 10 years ago, the socialists considered that By simplifying all administrative procedures, works can start before the end of 2023. They reached this commitment with the representatives of the neighborhood to implement it after the upcoming regional elections of the junta government in Castilla and Leon.

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