December 6, 2023

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Cryptocurrencies, a new way of saving among Peruvians: 6 out of 10 invest in digital assets

Cryptocurrencies, a new way of saving among Peruvians: 6 out of 10 invest in digital assets

More and more Peruvians are choosing to invest in cryptocurrencies. (Spread)

In the middle of a Economic crisisPeruvians are increasingly choosing new ways to make money. As part of this, Digital currencies It has become an attractive way to invest. In Latin America in particular, digital assets are becoming more present in the lives of citizens Peru It’s no stranger to him.

According to the annual blockchain report issued by Sherlock CommunicationsIn Peru, 57% of those surveyed expressed a desire to invest in cryptocurrencies as a means Long term savings. In addition, 42% see cryptocurrencies as an additional source of income, while 37% believe they are ideal for making international money transfers at a lower cost.

On the other hand, by 30%, this Digital currencies They make it easier to send money to family and friends abroad, and 28% see the possibility of receiving their salary from a foreign company as an important advantage.

Regarding the expected impact of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem in the next five years, 36% of respondents believe that these currencies will provide access to… Financial services For people who do not currently have bank accounts. 35% believe that digital currencies can replace the local currency, and 37% believe that these digital currencies will provide protection against local economic crises.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, along with virtual wallets, are transforming the global economy. These digital currencies and their disruptive technologies are changing the way we look at financial markets. (Illustrative image)

Regarding the reasons for increasing their investments in cryptocurrencies, 54% of them stressed the importance of owning them Trusted platforms To work with these currencies, while 52% indicated the need for appropriate regulation in their country. These two priorities are also shared by the majority of participants in Latin America.

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Regarding how people have gained knowledge about these digital assets in recent years, 47% stated that they learned about cryptocurrencies through “influencers” who trade in social networks Which led to raising awareness about this issue, as well as advertisements on television and social networks (45%). 26% learned through technology conferences, and 20% through family and friends who use cryptocurrencies. In addition, 18% were influenced by cryptocurrency companies entering the country, while 14% obtained information at universities or meetings.

Regarding where they would like to gain more knowledge about the cryptocurrency market, 57% prefer it. Live online lessons, followed by more than half of participants searching for information on social networks. 44% want to obtain information directly from companies operating in this sector. The remaining options include traditional media such as newspapers and magazines (42%), followed by conferences (40%).

35% of the Latin American population views cryptocurrencies as… Safe investment. Users feel that the region is catching up with the rest of the world. In 2020 alone, four in 10 thought their countries were falling behind, but now only 34% have that view. Those who show the most confidence in this sector are Brazilians, as three years ago, 37% believed that Brazil was lagging behind the rest, while now only 27% share this perception.

Illustration of the Tether “stablecoin” on a computer motherboard. June 16, 2023. Reuters/Dado Rovik

Moreover, more than half of the participants in Colombia They want safe and reliable platforms for cryptocurrencies, up from 39% two years ago. The same thing happens in Brazil46% participated in this request, compared to the previous 39%, and in Mexico44% seek this security, compared to 37% in 2021. These three countries exceed the Latin American average of 47% in this request.

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The report also reveals that as the regulatory environment begins to evolve, so are the authorities working to develop it Digital currencies Central banks (CBDC), including in the case of Peru which is in the process of development. Additionally, institutional players entered the ecosystem in a big way during 2022, creating improved interfaces and facilitating cryptocurrency adoption in various ways.

On the other hand, 42% of Latin American residents indicated that they are waiting for stronger regulations before investing Digital currenciesCompared to 29% in 2021, which confirms the growing interest in these digital assets in the region.