July 14, 2024

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Lea from the K-pop girl group ITZY announces the cessation of her career for health reasons |  Present

Lea from the K-pop girl group ITZY announces the cessation of her career for health reasons | Present

Bad news for K-Pop fans, one of the band members Itzy He announced his discontinuation of his professional career. JYP Entertainment stated – through a statement – that Lea He will suspend his activities with the band due to his health condition. The recording company posted the following statement on social media yesterday:

“Hello, we are JYPE. We would like to inform you about the health condition of ITZY member Lia and her future activities. Lia underwent several tests after she began experiencing moments of extreme stress and anxiety while performing her scheduled activities. After receiving medical advice, rest and treatment have been recommended. Given that the artist’s health is… Our main priority, and after careful discussion with members, we have decided on this Leah will not participate in scheduled activities starting today and will take a break For now to focus on his health.

“Moment Lea’s resumption of her activities will be determined after a conversation between her and the rest of the members. We sincerely apologize for causing concern to fans. We will announce the resumption of Leah’s activities once this is decided. Thank you,” the notice ends.

The good news for the group’s followers is that This is not a final goodbyeBut see you soon. The record company leaves the door open To come back when she recovers, so we’ll see her back, if all goes well, on stage sometime.

Moreover, on the same day Leah shared a handwritten letter to MIDZY – The name of the group’s fanbase – on the group’s Instagram account.

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“I think MIDZY was surprised to hear the news today. according to MIDZY cares about me more than anyone elseEven when I’m a little sick. I was worried they would be sad and upset when they heard the news. But at the same time, since MIDZY knows and believes in me more than anyone else, I was able to muster the courage to know that they would understand me and wait for meThis is how the singer began her message to her most loyal followers.

Six years have passed Since I started this journey with the members I met through our shared dream! I was able to get through that moment and get here thanks to the members and MIDZY. It’s like we went through so many things one after another. naturally, Those moments should also be full of our memories and happy moments. We spent together. Although they were precious moments, I realized that I was getting lost “Gradually as I ran to this point,” Leia said frankly.

“MIDZY are people who I am always grateful to them more than anyone elseTherefore, my only wish is to return my love and happiness to you. To that end, I felt like I needed to take some time to love and fulfill myself first. As I always say, I sincerely hope MIDZY is happy. I will work to get back healthy And to be able to compensate for how much MIDZY expects and cares for me.” With the word “I love you,” Lea said goodbye to her fans, but above all, she promised to return to the group.

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In the last words of his manuscript He wanted to show his fans that he is thinking about them. They are there and will remain on your mind. We just have to wait for the South Korean to recover. at the same time, ITZY Group will continue to operate With the rest of the members – Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yoona—.