June 21, 2024

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Cuba ranks first in the number of migrants detained at borders in 2022

Cuba ranks first in the number of migrants detained at borders in 2022

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Text: Cuba News 360 Writing

Cuba recorded the largest number of migrants detained at the Mexican border during 2022, overtaking countries with the highest rate of immigration in Latin America to date, such as Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard presented the statistics this morning during President Andres Manuel López Obrador’s press conference.

According to the charts, between January and December 2022, a total of 294,816 Cubans were detained by Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Cuba is followed in number by Nicaragua (209,832), Venezuelan (157,855), Colombian (154,919) and Ecuadorian (53,175) immigrants.

CBP also, in the month of December 2022 alone, recorded a total of 251,134 immigration events at the border, a number generated by the sum of all immigrants detained at the border.

The Mexican Foreign Minister confirmed that after the recent measures taken by Joe Biden, immigrants expelled by the United States will not be deported to Mexico, but asylum will be granted to those who decide to settle and work in that country.

According to Ebrard, the measures taken by the US government have been positive, and the results are seen in a decrease in the immigration flow of Venezuelans after implementing the same visa scheme since the previous months.

The new White House policy will allow 30,000 immigrants a month to enter from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Haiti, while They will be expelled Those migrants who arrive at the border and who do not meet the requirements to apply for humanitarian visas.

During Lopez Obrador’s conference on Monday, it was also confirmed that he is willing to work with the US government in addressing immigration issues. “It is a slight light in the tunnel (…) It is an option, an alternative… I see it well, I am very satisfied,” said the Mexican president.

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However, he stuck to his position of condemning the US embargo against Cuba, blaming members of Congress and senators of Cuban descent for supporting its implementation.

Lopez Obrador, who held talks today with Joe Biden, will also meet tomorrow, Tuesday, with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, during the North American Leaders Summit in Mexico City.