August 14, 2022

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CUCosta rallies in favor of education, health, and university independence

CUCosta rallies in favor of education, health, and university independence

Photo: Evan Lara

“We’re from the coast and we’re both going!” A cry from students, teachers and officials in University Center of the University Coast of Guadalajara heard in The Sixty-ninth Walk for Autonomy, Health and Educationwhere they demanded the return of the 140 million pesos that were intended for the closing of the Museum of Environmental Sciences (MCA).

The students of the university traveled from the Puerto Vallarta headquarters of the said center to Guadalajara to advance in a march from the plaza of the university’s office building to Casa Jalisco, and Demanding the state government to respect the university’s autonomy and grant a fair budget to this study house.

Photo: Evan Lara

The President of the University of Cocosta, Jorge Telles-López, indicated that the governor of the entity, Enrique Alvaro Ramírez, is not concerned with university health and environmental issues, not only with regard to the MCA but also the neglect of any areas of the Jalisco coast.

“Thanks to the intervention of the university itself, we prevented them from setting up special projects around stero saladowe were able to get him to extend protection coverage to that natural site and direct some economic resources to it, but this money It is a facade and is poorly applied because they have invested more than 25 million pesos to build a fence and a parking lot in front of the estuary”mentioned.

stressed that UdeG has been supported by many national and international bodies, such as the National Human Rights Commissionwho have joined against the state government’s 140 million pesos cut to this homeschool that has already been earmarked for the Millennium Challenge Fund.

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He said, “The National Council for Human Rights is considered relevant to the importance of the university’s independence in the constitutional dispute, and independence is understood as a legal tool to ensure the freedom of education in achieving the social goals of the university.”

Photo: Evan Lara

The Secretary General of the Academic Workers’ Union of the University of Guadalajara (STAUdeG), Jesus Palafox Yanez, noted that the state president had argued that the MCA cut account was to grant the concession to build the Hospital de delle de Oriente when both were important to the well-being of the residents.

“Education and health are two human rights that must be equal. A government that does not invest in health and does not love its people.. a government that does not invest in education cancels the future of young people Jalisco and that’s what Alvaro does. He pointed out that the museum will be a hospital for the environment that will take care of it, treat it and preserve it, because the sick and polluted environment makes us sick.”

The Secretary of the Universidade Universidade Guadalajara (SUTUdeG), Jesus Becerra Santiago, noted that This university has known how to reach the community In no corners was it found and CUCosta was the first center to become a COVID vaccination unit in Jalisco.

Photo: Evan Lara

This effort and all that UdeG has done during the pandemic have been flouted by Governor Enrique Alfaro, who did not hesitate to cut the budget for Jalisco’s most important schoolhouse.

“But that does not discourage us, as college students we continue to reach out to the needy residents of Jalisco and proof of this is the approval given by the University General Council so that the children of fallen firefighters in the line of duty can have a direct pass to the high school and the job. He noted that this is a good gesture to humanity. and Social Sensitivity at UdeG.

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The university community will not succumb to an obedient and silent government and that the university’s autonomy “will never be demanded, we will continue to demand it,” said Raoul Karbagel, a representative of the University Students’ Union.

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