December 6, 2023

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Cuórum Morelia Festival 2023: programming, venues, activities and more

Cuórum Morelia Festival 2023: programming, venues, activities and more

Morelia quorum 2023A film festival focusing on gender, social, cultural and sexual diversity has announced the productions that will be presented this year. The event will be a guest of Cuba and will be held in the capital, Michoacan, from November 24 to 27, with Casa Natal de Morelos, Centro Culture Clavijero, Casa Taller Zalce and the Foto Viva photography school taking place.

At the celebration there will be 15 titles competing for the Audience Award and the Outstanding Carmelina de Plata Award, in addition to 8 feature films, a sample of Cuban short films and an exhibition of photographs by Olivia Peregrino. In this edition, the jury is chaired by the award-winning director Lucia Carreras (Tamara and Ladybug), Montserrat Alejandre Oyanguren, Luisa Almaguer, Maki Bolorena, and Adrian Sylvestre.

The opening screening will be a Swedish documentary Loving Highsmith to Eva Vitega. The film is based on the personal memoirs of American novelist Patricia Highsmith, and shows us a completely unknown side of her life through the stories of her family and lovers. Many of his works have been turned into films, such as: The Talented Mr. Ripley And Carol.

Below we show you the full billboard for Quorum Morelia 2023

Official selection

  • 30 needles | Jaime Carmona | Cuba
  • summit | Augustin Montange | Argentina
  • Album” | emaLúa gcanchola | Mexico
  • Song for angels | Martin Davalos | Mexico
  • maroon | Dami Saenz | Cuba
  • Create a new object | Franco Figueroa | Argentina
  • First day | Constance Lobos | Chili pepper
  • Gender Ideology: Deconstructing God’s Eternal Plan | river | Mexico
  • Lucas | Jessica Quiroz | Mexico
  • Perpetual happiness Issa Lwengo, Sophia Esteve | Spain
  • Elsewhere | Sophia Landgraf | Mexico
  • Little Death | Pedro Lavin | Mexico
  • Silence of children Sophia Kyros | Costa Rica
  • Tea with Adonis | Salim Murad | Lebanon
  • Cracks are coming Daniel Mathieu | Colombia
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Opening post

  • Loving Highsmith | Eva Vititja

Choose a point of view

  • My space and me | Adrian Sylvester
  • The sky after the rain Mercedes Gaviria
  • Calls from Moscow | Luis Alejandro Yero
  • Today’s match at 3 | Clarissa Navas
  • One thousand and one | Clarissa Navas
  • It’s not a game Lucas Olivares
  • Posted for forgery | Maya Navas

Gala function

  • candle | A theatrical performance by Jazz Fila

Special features

  • Ephemeral | Luis Mariano Garcia

Closing function

  • Showbiz | A theatrical performance by Jazz Fila

For more details about the Cuórum Morelia Festival 2023, you can follow the event’s social networks at Instagram, Facebook And s.