December 4, 2023

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Nirvana could use AI to release new music in the style of Los Bealtes: “It’s a good idea” – Updated

Nirvana could use AI to release new music in the style of Los Bealtes: “It’s a good idea” – Updated

In a new interview with NME, Christ Novoselicwho was a guitarist The Spirit of Serenitywas asked whether he and his surviving former comrades had, at any time, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselicthought about using technological tools, including artificial intelligence, to complete some of the group’s unreleased demos and give them the form of a full song.

“What a good idea! I’m glad I talked to you today, because it’s interesting.”Novoselic replied. “I’ll tell Dave and Pat! I can’t wait to hear a new Beatles song. Come on, it’s The Beatles! I want to hear a new Beatles song. And if AI helps, sure – that’s the way things are today.” Per day”.

But is there Nirvana material yet to be finished, similar to the demos John Lennon left recorded at his home in the Dakota Building?

“I don’t know. We have to start talking about this. It’s a good idea. There could be. There’s a point where it’s like, ‘Is this Nirvana or AI?’ There’s a lot of that on YouTube already, and it’s a discussion that should His solution when it comes to copyright and misinformation. It’s like the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey: ‘Don’t do it!'”

Of course, Crist explains:Kurt’s not here at the moment, so everything must be done right“.

What would Nirvana have sounded like if Kurt hadn’t died?

In the same talk, Novoselic was asked how he thought Nirvana’s sound had evolved on the albums after that ‘in the womb’ Yes, Kurt Cobain Will not die. Accordingly, the guitarist responds by saying:We can only imagine“.

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“I don’t know. We recorded our last song together, ‘You Know You’re Right,’ and that was it for Nirvana.”“, He said. “Our vibe was like a jam and then a crescendo that builds back up with a big chorus. It’s very difficult to answer. Dave has continued to work with the Foo Fighters, and is successful and carrying the torch. I have another group, Third Secret, with Matt and Kim, from Soundgarden; We’re kind of grunge ABBA.

“If Kurt had stuck by him, we would have known. Just having him in the world would make a huge difference, and that’s what really matters. I miss the guy, so I can only dream.”