June 23, 2024

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20231115 The Extremadura government will increase mental health allocations in the 2024 budgets

20231115 The Extremadura government will increase mental health allocations in the 2024 budgets

Extremadura Prime Minister Maria Guardiola announced on Wednesday that the 2024 budgets, which are being finalized, will provide greater allocations for mental health and resources and care will be improved. The Extremaduran Chief Executive admitted that “we have a lot of work to do” and that “we cannot relax for a second”, but reaffirmed her commitment to professionals in the sector during the celebration of the 4th Independent Mental Health Conference and the Good Practice in Mental Health Award. An event held in the conference room of the Mérida Hospital and also attended by the Minister of Health and Social Services, Sara García. “The people of Extremadura are in good hands. They are in the best possible hands. This day will be an example of that,” he said. For Guardiola, meetings like this Wednesday raise awareness in society, demand more public resources and combat the stigma of people with mental health problems. “We live in a calculated world, in which we believe that we know everything, that we achieve everything…But beneath the surface of who we are, humans still hide a world that we have to worry about. And we must take it into account.” He added: “We must have a preferential place in public policies. Mental health remains taboo for many, a sign of weakness for others, or even a fad for those who feel immune to depression or pain.” “Talk, Share, Live” “But, if we know one thing, and you know it better than anyone else, it is that at any time, a host of individual, familial, societal or structural factors can combine to undermine our mental health,” he added today. We can be fine and tomorrow we enter the tunnel. Today we can be fine, and tomorrow we feel that only a terrible and permanent decision can solve some problems that are as deep as they are temporary.” He pointed out that prevention, early detection, and attention to suicidal behavior must have sufficient resources and have flexible mechanisms and departments. He stressed that “The motto of this day, ‘Speak, Share, Live’, sums up the spirit of this meeting and also indicates the path that the Extremadura Health Service will take in this matter.” The President of the Regional Government of Extremadura stressed that they are working and will continue to work on agreements that go beyond the health field, such as educational centres, For example. “The network must be wide and coordinated between departments,” he defended. For Guardiola, investing in everyone’s mental health is an indisputable boost to public health. “Only in this way will we be able to significantly reduce suffering and improve health and quality of life.” The modus operandi and life expectancy of people with mental disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to include mental health in total basic services and ensure universal health coverage. “I take this opportunity to thank you. Not only for today. Not only for these awards, congratulations to all those who have deserved them in this first edition. But for your daily life. For your care, your professionalism, your ability and your affection,” he said, addressing the winners and the rest of the professionals present. “We always think about the absent, but today I want to think about all those people who, thanks to the Mental Health Network of Extremadura, managed their toxic thoughts, found listening and support, dispelled some terrible desires, and redirected their situation,” it ended.

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