November 30, 2023

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Daily Summary: Lower PPI supports positive sentiment on Wall Street

Daily Summary: Lower PPI supports positive sentiment on Wall Street

  • Markets end moderate gains today. Wall Street is trading higher, but not significantly so. However, sentiment after the recent 9% increase remains positive.
  • The dollar index rose 0.30%, but compared to recent declines, this is a small upward move.
  • One of the weakest currencies today are the Euro and the Japanese Yen. USDJPY rose 0.60% to 151.350, and the exchange rate is once again approaching the highest local level.

  • In the precious metals market we see mainly increases. Although gold is trading flat, silver is gaining over 1.40% and the leader of the increases is palladium, which is gaining 2.80% today.
  • Cryptocurrencies rebounded in the second part of the day. Bitcoin once again became the leader among cryptocurrencies with an increase of approximately 6.50% from $37,700. Ethereum price rose 3.10% to $2,040, with smaller altcoins also seeing significant increases.

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