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“It was terrible”: This is how Netflix recorded the tragic death of Princess Diana in the sixth season of The Crown – Series News

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The sixth season of The Crown will soon arrive in the Netflix catalogue, covering the tragic death of Princess Diana, a scene that was very difficult for the actress to film.

The royal family has always sparked a lot of conversation, however, Princess Diana’s death was an event that marked history, and is still remembered to this day with great sadness. Although there are many films that have dealt with this event, the successful Netflix series The Crown, It paved the way for presenting this tragedy in its sixth season with Elizabeth DebickiWho didn’t have a good time while filming.

After seven years on the air, Peter Morgan’s series is coming to an end. After several delays and changes in the script, following the death of Queen Elizabeth and the coronation of King Charles III, the new episodes will finally see the light, Covering the period from 1997 to the early 2000s, the focus will be on the tragic fate of Lady Di and what her death means for the Crown.

After Emma Corrin’s performance, the role was left to Debicki, who was responsible for playing the darker part of the princess’s life. However, long before she got the role, the actress admitted that she already felt a connection to the princess, and even cried so hard when her death was announced on August 31, 1997.

At the time, Lady Di was traveling with her partner, Dodi Al Fayed, when they were involved in a horrific car accident in the Pont d’Alma tunnel, north of the Seine River in Paris. The pair were traveling at high speed as they fled the paparazzi, a catastrophic moment, which Morgan promised to treat as respectfully as possible.


For the actress Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, Filming this scene was very difficult, because I could not imagine the horror that Diana felt: He said in statements to: “Harassing someone in this way is terrible and extremely excessive.” Hollywood Reporter. This is a feeling that was also shared by his partner, Khaled Abdullah, actor Dodi Al-Fayed. “Every time I saw a motorcycle, I was in shock. And to imagine living that day after day is shocking.”

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Likewise, the rest of the cast was moved by this scene, and Jonathan Pryce, who plays Prince Philip of Edinburgh, recalls the moment when everyone saw the final cut: “In a way, watching the game, I thought, because of our reaction, we did a good job, and there was a lot of emotional weight for everyone. I really cried when she died and I cried when I saw it on screen. “It’s really extraordinary,” he said, and now you can watch this sad moment starting November 16 on Netflix.

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