April 12, 2024

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David Broncano and "La Resistencia" attack Will Smith

David Broncano and “La Resistencia” attack Will Smith

How could it be otherwise, the final part of “The Resistance” also echoed the unfortunate episode that occurred during the 94th Academy Awards. The moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after an unfortunate comment about his wife Jada Pinkett’s hair loss occupied several minutes of the Movistar+ space as the presenter and the rest of the cast called the actor’s situation “terrible”.

Ricardo Castilla was the first to say the matter. David Bruncano asked, “Have you seen a Will Smith thing?” “That’s awful. Next time you go to ‘El Hormiguero’ Trancas and Barrancas have to be in chain mail. Terrible. And above all, we miss Javier Bardem’s Oscar because he won it, but then they said, ‘It’s better.'” Give it to Will and then we’ll talk,” La Resistencia director joked.

The host replied with a laugh, “Maybe the academy gave him the award so that he wouldn’t get angry anymore.” “He gave the role to Chris Rock,” Grayson added. For his part, David Broncano reiterated: “It’s ugly, the truth is it’s ugly.” For his part, Jorge Ponce said: “How many times have they called me bald, and my wife at home is very calm. I would always be helpful if I came to make a stewardess every time I was called bald.”

The star-studded moment came that night when Jorge Ponce left humor aside to honestly say what he really thinks of what the actor from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air did in the middle of the Oscars and with millions of viewers in front of him. their screens. What a whim, Will Smith! personal opinion. I don’t know what Movistar thinks… I, who is the normal Don,” adds Pons emphatically. Immediately, David Broncano agreed with his partner: “Yes, yes. Me too.”

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Candela Peña, so blunt

Minutes later, Candela Peña took up the topic again in her section where she gave her opinion on the topic: “All the efforts of these artists, from those art troupes that look sad because this guy… Didn’t anyone think that this guy isn’t so fine? Because he knows so much about Television and industry, it started when he was young. A tambourine is not okay.” “Something happened to him and no one said it. What he did is terrible and a very bad example for the planet, but you must have healthy heads,” concluded the actress.