June 28, 2022

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Una ambulancia junto al Hospital de Cruces.

Pandemic multiplies complaints before Ararteko on health issues

The Health complaints in the Euskadi region Processed by Ararteko Doubled in 2021 Compared to the previous year and became the second largest bloc after that related to assistance for social exclusion, a growth related Measures to contain the epidemic, such as Vaccination process and covid passport.

Ararteko, manu to visitOn Tuesday, it delivered its annual report corresponding to 2021 to the Speaker of the Basque Parliament, pakartxo tigeriaThen he appeared at a press conference to present the most important data.

Lezertoa realized that the pandemic had again “impacted” Ararteko’s business, as it did in 2020, since then As a result of the measures taken to contain the epidemic, complaints “significantly increased” health related.

Specifically, there was last year 348 written complaints tied to this area vs 171 for 2020 They also represented 15% of 2,700 complaints Processed by Ararteko last year and became second largest number Beyond those related to infection control devices social exclusion (508).

The increase in complaints is mainly due to Decision to postpone non-urgent operations At the peaks of the epidemic and in vaccination process Against Covid by groups with certain diseases that they considered should be a priority when receiving the vaccine.

Another reason to complain was covid passport To consider this tool “redundant” or to estimate the excessive demand for it.

Aside from issues related to the coronavirus, the most frequent complaints from previous years regarding health, such as Availability of ambulances, attention in Euskara and waiting lists.

Ararteko also noted a slight increase in complaints regarding Devices to combat social exclusion508 in 2021 compared to 497 in the previous year, which represents 20% Among the complaints that were addressed, including: 90% refer to problems caused by Lanbide’s actions In terms of managing Income Security Income and Supplemental Housing Benefit.

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Asked Effects of the Ukrainian war And its impact on the activity of this institution, Lezertua realized that it is still in its infancy and that There were no complaints or inquiries about it. But he called on institutions to organize and coordinate all resources to help refugees avoid the “dangers” and dangers of mafia gangs that traffic in women and children.

Regarding the effects of Energy price increase His condition in the daily lives of citizens reminded us that the Foundation has already done so show his concern On this issue through a recommendation to combat energy poverty.

During the press conference, general information was given about the performance of the institution last year, when 12491 offersa 27% more From the previous year, of which 7,578 complaints and inquiries were submitted.

What’s more 2131 complaint files resolved (2,061 in 2020) and Issuance of 1422 resolutions (two years ago 1432). The average duration of the complaint procedure was 50 days.

Analysis of complaint files, in about 45% There have been some incorrect actions by management Affected (in 2020 it was 43%). at 87% of cases the corresponding institution corrected the procedure resulting in the claim.

As in previous years Basque government Most complaints were centered 52.6%followed by city ​​hallswith the 34.1%and the delegationswith the 8.6%.

Regarding the activities of the Office for Children and Adolescents Ararteko, last year 454 complaint files were registered in which children and adolescents were openly involved, which is 16.4% of the total of those brought before the Defender of the Basque People.

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In the past year, the most common complaints in the school environment have joined other complaints related to disagreement with Suspension or restrictions on the development of sports activities for the virus.