July 14, 2024

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Deepening the rift in health |  For over 60,000 pesos for doctors only

Deepening the rift in health | For over 60,000 pesos for doctors only

To the unrest between medical and non-medical personnel that has continued since last year, prof Request reports so that heads of health centers report their commitment to withdraw cooperation called for by non-medical personnel this week.

Force action was taken to repudiate payment Plus 60,000 pesos for medical personnel. Although the Ministry of Health stated that it was a Recovery of unemployment days It was conducted at the end of last year by the doctors who held their own meetings, and it was learned that the doctors who did not abide by this protest also received the reward.

For non-medical workers, the request to health centers should be interpreted as a “tightening” of the health portfolio to calm the protests. In addition, they explained That bonus paid It is not about the return of the days, but rather the intent to start paying for a new item Medical personnel only.

In a video clip that went viral on social media, The self-summoned doctors indicated, via Fabio Aguirre’s voice, that the push was a product of the return of vacation days.. “The reward does not honor our work,” They added and supported the issuance of the health portfolio for the payment of unemployment days, and insisted on the necessity of re-discussing the health job. In that speech the intent they had preached for so long receded Separate the medical group from the rest of the public health workers.

request to be heard

the The heads of the faculties of biochemistry, pharmacists, speech therapists, kinesiologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists, dentists, social workers and graduates in obstetrics have requested an urgent meeting with Governor Gustavo Saenz. This is after the Minister of Health understood through public statements, Federico Mangioni, he would uphold the hierarchy of physicians over the rest of the health professionals.

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As confirmed yesterday to Salta/12, no response has yet been received from the territorial government.

For their part, some of the self-summoned non-medical health team members indicated that they are evaluating deepening force measures. With regard to the hierarchy of the health profession, they explained that there is also a professional committee that analyzes the possibility of doing so through the recognition of postgraduate degrees, and not through the degree title held by those working in the field of health.

added that The project he wants to reconstitute in the provincial legislature indicates that the doctor is the “natural head” of the health team. Although this concept was rejected in discussion, in practice they indicated that health headquarters that were in the hands of “non-medical” professionals were lost.