June 20, 2024

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Despite the legal setback, Polycario still rallied in New Zealand

The Policario Front staged a sit-in protest in front of the headquarters of New Zealand-based Balance Agri-Nutrients in Tharanga on Saturday, despite a complaint lodged last March against the import of phosphates taken from the Sahara to New Zealand. As a result, some protesters blocked the company’s entrance, waved signs and demanded that the company stop operations in the Sahara.

Balance Agri-Nutrients, in fact, is considered by the Front to be “more involved in companies purchasing phosphate ore from the Moroccan National Company from the Western Sahara”. The movement says “a new ore will be shipped to the port of Tharanga” in a week. Polycario pro In this regard, Western Sahara Resources Watch assures us that it will meet the existing “balance”. [ses] Delegates “” The CEO of Balance, Mark Wayne, had assured the protesters that he would meet the New Zealand representative of Policario, “says one.

Last March, The New Zealand Supreme Court has dismissed a complaint filed by Policario Representative Kamal Fadel against a New Zealand oversight fund seeking a judicial review of the fund’s investments in the Sahara. In a March 15 ruling, Judge Mark Woolford ruled that the New Zealand Pension Fund’s investments “comply with the New Zealand Supervision and Pension Income Act 2001 in decisions relating to investment in phosphate-linked assets cut from Western Sahara.”

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