February 23, 2024

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Details of Manu Ginobili's role in his return to the San Antonio Spurs |  NBA.com Mexico

Details of Manu Ginobili’s role in his return to the San Antonio Spurs | NBA.com Mexico

A few days ago, the news came out Manu Ginobili I will come back to San Antonio Tottenham, now in an advisory role. A job that was originally expected to focus mainly on developing young players, but in the last hours it has become clear that it will be much broader, and include various tasks for Bahian. This was explained by Greg Popovich himself.

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The Managing Director (Brian Wright) will assist with the administration. He will help me with technical guidance. It will help in the development of the player. Maybe I’ll check out some peopleBob, who later joked:It will definitely include a two-week trip to Italy to explore the guys… and I might go with him.“.

But seriously, you’re going to do all of those things. We’ll see what’s more comfortable for you. It’s great to be on the show for all kinds of reasons, but mostly because we love him. It’s Manu Ginobili. Who wouldn’t want to be around?‘, continued DT, in Statements reflected by the San Antonio Express News.

You can do whatever you want”Popovic summed it up in his usual tone of voice.

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Anytime you can ask someone like Manu to step aside and ask him a question, it will obviously help us.“, I consider Derek WhiteOne of the players was called to lead the young superstar Tottenham Hotspur. It will be of great help to us..

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San Antonio will make their 2021 pre-season debut on Monday, October 4, against the Utah Jazz. Then they clash with Detroit (6-10), Miami (8-10), Orlando (10-10) and Houston (15-10), to finally get their official show in the 2021-2022 regular stage on October 20, playing against the Magic.

A campaign for the first time since 2017-2018, Manu Ginobili will once again make an official part of the franchise, now in a different and multifaceted role.

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