October 26, 2021

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miHoYo responds to criticism from Genshin Impact with various thank you gifts

miHoYo responds to criticism from Genshin Impact with various thank you gifts

miHoYo has awarded many rewards to all Genshin Impact players, in the face of a torrent of criticism and review blasts these days for the anniversary.

MiHoYo responded to the complaints of Genshin Impact fans, who filled social media with complaints and He has “blasted review” the game on platforms like PlayStore (Where you now have a file Average score 2.9/5).

Genshin Impact players are already receiving a new reward. With a thank you note, miHoYo makes a donation 400 Protogym and skin for wings.

“Dear travelers, we sincerely appreciate your continued support and love for Genshin Impact, and would like to offer you this appreciation gift to express our gratitude.”

The rejection of users seen in recent days was due to Meager 1st Anniversary Awards (In fact, Complaints already started in August when the rewards were announced).

However, many players raised their frustration in other aspects of the game, such as Lack of a variety of updates, and its reliance on the “gacha” model and little attention that they received from the community (with the hashtag #HearUsMihoyo).

fact, According to the userAnd miHoYo censored negative comments On Reddit, Discord and other social networks.

In this sense, it is interesting that these rewards are “thank you gift“Who did not mention? Anniversary events already plannedThey don’t hint at what happened these days (although it was clearly a countermeasure).

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And the most interesting thing is that these bonuses that are given for free, it seems, will be part of Paid package They are going to release with the concert they will celebrate on October 3rd, and that according to Genshin_Intel data sources, they were going to sell for $30.

It seems that The content of the party’s payment package will finally be provided for free. Or part of it, at least: So far they’ve provided 400 protozomas and wings, though the current gratitude reward is Part one of four, so other free rewards are sure to come in the next few days.

Will these rewards be enough to calm the waters that disrupted the Genshin Impact’s first anniversary?

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Source: DualShockersAnd Jinshin Intel