July 14, 2024

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Dia moves towards more sustainable logistics by integrating first 100% electric truck

Dia moves towards more sustainable logistics by integrating first 100% electric truck

Diya joins in with Daimler truck spain And the transportation company Lotemvri Logistics Group To promote the shift towards CO2-neutral transport, integrating the Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 into its delivery routes, The first 100% electric truck to be series produced. With this new car Annual carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by about 100 tons Contributing to reducing the carbon footprint, which is one of the company’s commitments regarding environmental sustainability.

According to European Commission data, transport was responsible for about a quarter of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, contributing significantly to climate change. In light of this scenario and with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint associated with the value chain of the group’s activity by 20% within three years, Zia presented its strategic plan for sustainability in 2021. In line with this goal, and within the framework of our commitment to be closer every day to society and the world around it, Dia is now launching this new truck in cooperation with Daimler Truck SpainIt is the first fully electric model in its current fleet Distribution from its central warehouse in Illescas to stores in central Madrid (Within the low emission zone) Perform 4 daily services.

Capacity is 13 tons and autonomy is 300 km

with With a maximum payload capacity of 13 tons per trip, this vehicle is powered by energy stored in its batteriesTherefore, it does not emit any type of polluting gases while driving. The power of the lithium-ion batteries also allows it to be autonomous Up to 300 km. The eActros is a sustainable, silent truck that is innovative by having two electric motors integrated into the drive axle. They provide 330 kW of continuous power and 400 kW of peak power.

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Jürgen Dietz, National Logistics Manager at Dea EspañaHe noted: “At Diya, we want to be an active part of the distribution sector’s transformation towards a more sustainable model that impacts the entire value chain. Given our commitment to taking care of the environment, integrating the first 100% electric truck into our delivery fleet will allow us to continue reducing CO2 emissions, As well as contributing to promoting sustainable mobility with the help of one of the leading manufacturers from Daimler Trucks.

For this part, Pedro Santiago, Large Fleet Manager at Daimler Truck Spain, “We have delivered the first mass-produced 100% electric truck capable of reaching up to 300 kilometers of autonomy to Dia supermarkets, through the transport company Lotemfri Grupo Logístico,” he stated. “At Daimler Truck Spain, we are proud to be able to collaborate With our trucks in reducing pollution. We believe that thanks to innovative companies like Dia, we will be able to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in cities, and improve the lives of their inhabitants. The eActros 300 is the ideal truck for this new phase in distribution and medium-distance transportation. Its advanced, established technology On the electric axle, together with its proven efficiency and safety, make it the ideal partner for the delivery needs of the food sector, where we also want to highlight that the advantages of the Mercedes-Benz eActros are not just that. Regarding emissions only, the low noise emissions will also help reduce noise pollution During deliveries.

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