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What neural networks have been discovered with artificial intelligence that could lead to narcissism?

What neural networks have been discovered with artificial intelligence that could lead to narcissism?

In the study, a specific brain circuit emerged as a strong predictor of narcissistic personality traits (Vrebek).

It is a term that often sparks controversy in academic circles and in everyday conversations. Narcissistic personalities have an exaggerated sense of their own importance, and a deep need for it Excessive attention and admiration.

the Neural foundations Narcissism, which is often associated with pathological conditions, has been a mystery to specialists. But recent advances in machine learning are shedding new light on this age-old mystery.

Previous attempts to fee The neural pathways of narcissism have often been the victim of inconsistent results. Many of these discrepancies are attributable to limitations such as low numbers of participants or reliance on traditional univariate methods. These approaches limit the depth of knowledge possible in the interesting world of narcissistic traits.

Determined to overcome these obstacles, a recent study used cutting-edge machine learning techniques: Kernel Ridge Regression and Support Vector Regression. The conclusions have just been published in Neuroscience News Communications It was the result of research conducted by the Cognitive Science and Innovation Research Unit (CSIRU) of the Faculty of Research Methodology and Cognitive Science (RMCS) of Burapha University in Thailand, in collaboration with the Department of Psychology, Science and Cognitive Science. (DiPSCo) from the University of Trento in Italy.

New tools update classic research on narcissism and expand research horizons (Illustrated Image Infobae)

The tools used by professionals have the ability to recognize and predict patterns in large sets of data, making them suitable for investigating complex issues. Narcissistic neural network.

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The goal was simple but ambitious: Building a predictive model of narcissistic traits, based on neural structures and a variety of personality traits. The results were surprising and useful.

A specific brain circuit has emerged as a strong predictor of narcissistic personality traits. This pathway includes areas such as the lateral and middle frontal gyrus, the angular gyrus, the Rolandic operculum, and Heschl’s gyrus. The statistical significance of this finding highlights its potential implications for both Neurology As for psychology.

But the discoveries were not limited to neural structures. The research revealed a compelling combination of Normal personality traits (e.g., openness, kindness, conscientiousness) and Abnormal (e.g., borderline insecurity, antisociality, self-doubt, addiction, passivity, Machiavellianism) that can predict narcissism.

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of grandiosity (the person exaggerates his or her accomplishments and talents), a constant need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy for others (iStock)

this Multidimensional approachWhich combines neurological and psychological signs, has opened a more comprehensive understanding of narcissistic traits. This study is the first of its kind to apply a supervised machine learning approach in the quest to decipher narcissism. It points to a future in which personality traits can be derived not just from observable behaviors, but from a combination of neurological and psychological characteristics.

“Although these results represent a huge step, they also pave the way for future research,” says Khanitin Jornkokgod, a Thai specialist. “We wonder how this knowledge can transform Therapeutic interventions. Maybe they can improve Diagnostic accuracy. Confluence Neurology Machine learning promises not only answers, but also a richer understanding of the subject Human soul“.

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This multifaceted exploration of narcissism exemplifies how modern tools can update classic research. “As we continue to harness the combined power of neuroscience and machine learning, the horizons of personality research will certainly expand significantly,” the specialist concluded, with the team completed with contributions from Teresa Baggio, Dr. Faisal, Richard Bakaj, and Piera. Wongobraj and Alessandro Gricocchi.