December 8, 2023

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Domenicali responds to Verstappen and his complaints about the F1 calendar

Domenicali responds to Verstappen and his complaints about the F1 calendar

On more than one occasion, Max Verstappen, the current two-time world champion who is currently heading towards his third title if nothing prevents him, has reiterated that he does not believe it is correct to increase the calendar every year and that he believes that 24 races, which is the number set by the top leaders of Formula 1 Internally, it’s already pushing the boundaries.

According to the Dutch Red Bull driver, if the category continues on this path, drivers will have to compete in a very large number of races in the not-too-distant future, and he stresses that he is not willing to go through something like this with such a large number of races. Weekends, because they represent an additional burden.

“I’ve always said that 24 weekends is a lot“said Max Verstappen about the more likely extension of the Formula 1 calendar,” before explaining that he is already having some problems with his numerous commitments outside of the racetracks.

“It’s not just the racing, it’s everything around us that makes things difficult for us. Everything Marketing activities, simulation days, engagements with personal sponsors and others. “You don’t really have one day off,” he said.

In response to these words, Stefano Domenicali, one of the main supporters of a 24-race calendar, responded strongly to Max Verstappen and said that although he respects his opinion, he should not be the one to comment and decide such matters.

“Max gives his opinion, which is good, but at the same time We cannot leave category management in the hands of competitors“, announced Stefano Domenicali telegraph And about his position on the calendar, when asked about the Dutchman’s statements.

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The current Formula 1 president continued: “Not because they cannot be trusted, because we always listen to them and rely on them for everything, but because they have to look at a broader picture, which they do not always do.” .

Their goal is to move forward as quickly as possible, but our job, as an organization, is to do the best we can for this category. This is what we have done in recent years, otherwise we would not be in this position,” he said, referring to the noticeable increase in audience, sponsors, fans and thus clear economic resources that Formula 1 has witnessed in recent seasons.

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