December 9, 2023

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He asks his father for a €3,000 gaming PC to play Fortnite

He asks his father for a €3,000 gaming PC to play Fortnite

The adventure of having a baby never ends. Surprises are always around, and making a deal with the little ones might be worse than dealing with the devil himself. Video games are largely responsible for the fact that this odyssey is becoming more and more complex, as increasingly young people become familiar with it They are more alert And for her Orders are more expensive.

The case of u/refactoringManiac from Reddit is a good example of what we’re talking about. This is the father who A post shared before Where he comments that he promised his son A New computer If he gets good grades. Great classic! The 16-year-old has fulfilled his part of the bargain, so now it’s his turn to act.

I promised my son (he is 16) that if he did well in school I would buy him a new PC. Well, he’s done a more than good job and I want to reward him for his efforts, but 3,000 seems a bit high to me. […] They claim that this computer is the best and will last you more than 4 years. Through it you can play all the games while the current game only allows you to play a few of them. Are the four years really correct or will you order a new one next year?

It’s not about the amount itself, it’s about ‘let’s not waste money if we don’t have to’. I know this depends on who you ask which is why I ask people here who know this stuff. I have no problem offering you the best as long as you make the right choice and don’t get ripped off.

After a month of research conducted by his son, the final result was A Monster 3100 euros. Needless to say, the menu includes some very good ingredients. Given the situation, he took to Reddit to ask for advice and see if he could save some money.

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an item




BeQuiet Pure Base 500DX

$ 100


MSI MPG B650 Edge WiFi



AMD Ryzen 7800x3D 4.2GHz



Gigabyte 4090 Gaming 24GB GDDR6X



G-Skill Trident Z5 Neo 32GB DDR5 6000



Kingston KC3000 2TB M.2

$ 100

power supply

Corsair RM1000x Shift 1000W



Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black

$ 100

a screen

Gigabyte M28U IPS 28-inch, Samsung Odyssey G 7 IPS 28-inch or LG UltraGear 27GR93U-B IPS 27-inch

500 dollars

Many users recommend in the comments that it is not necessary to add such a powerful graphics card: “You can save money by not using a graphics card“,”You don’t need 4090” also “Assuming you are okay with a budget of $1500-2000. But you can easily save more than a thousand dollars between downgrading the graphics card and getting a 1440p display“.

And here comes the final joke. Many user recommendations take into account the details discussed in the post: “They want to run the PC”Wooden structure building and shooting gameIt’s: Fortnite. You certainly don’t need this monster to play Fortnite, but you definitely do It will last a long time And you can Enjoy many games. What will you do as parents? We read to you in the comments.

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