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Doubts have been clarified: this is exactly the Apple Vision Pro battery | Tools

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If you are one of those who care Apple Vision ProSurely there is something you really want to know about them: Your battery. Initially, the Cupertino company only revealed that it was good for two hours of general use and 2.5 hours of video playback. As it turns out, those estimates were very accurate.

However, all this time you may have been wondering about the real battery capacity. Now the mystery has been solved: it is 3,166 mAh. This is not particularly significant numerically, especially given its size and Weight 353 grams.

Very important thing to know

This is nothing more than the Apple Vision Pro using a maximum output of 13V 6A, and this voltage far exceeds what any 3.8V phone battery can achieve. Equivalent to 35.9 watt-hours For a typical phone battery voltage, this will result in a capacity of 9440 mAh. This dramatically changes the perception of the component in question.

The Vision Pro has an external battery, which some people did not like, and it contains Proprietary connector – which allows it to be twisted to secure operation – to connect it to the headset – as well as a USB Type-C port that charges it using the available 30W wall charger from Apple. By the way, Apple sells Extra batteries At 200 euros each, but keep in mind that these devices are not hot-swappable (that is, when you disconnect the cable, the headset turns off and then turns back on when you connect the new battery).

Apple Vision Pro availability and future outlook

The Apple Vision Pro is scheduled to launch in the US on Friday, February 2. However, it is important to highlight that it is expected It will be launched in more countries this yearGiving technology enthusiasts around the world the opportunity to experience this innovative offering from Apple.

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The reviews provided a clearer look at the Vision Pro's battery, revealing details beyond the initial numbers provided by the company. The single output capacity and efficient battery design add a positive element to this accessory, challenging conventional expectations Providing consumers with a more complete perspective Before its global launch. With a focus on quality, performance and design, this product promises to be a device that will lead to a significant evolutionary leap in the current technological landscape.

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