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It remains one of the most popular anime in recent times, since its debut in 1984 as a manga. Today, the story continues and more followers are joining the adventures of Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan, among other warriors. But, according to Akira Toriyama, the creator of the anime, The plans of the hero of the story were different because he had to end in the epic of the cell.

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the Globally the final was scheduled to be in de sel sagaOne of the best bows in history.Dragon ball ZIt was a turning point for adventures Z Warriors.

Because, at first glance, it is true Goku He admitted that his son transgressed him, johanIt was indeed a very shocking turn of what had been.”Dragon Ball” So far.

That idea was, in fact, the next point Toriyama It plans to develop in the next installments of the anime. But, as it turned out, he did not do this for a special reason and Goku returned in the following battles on Earth.

Goku sacrificed his life for the second time. This time he sacrificed himself by teleporting with Hive, when the latter was trying to destroy Earth. | Photo: Toei Animation

Why did Akira Toriyama want Goku to die?

In 1995 a guide entitled disneyshow The intentions that Akira Toriyama, the creator of “Dragon Ball” had, gathered around Goku’s fate and what would later appear in the history of the anime.

for him mangacaGoku’s death in the Cell saga was destined to be final, because Gohan has already overpowered his powers. The following adventures were to fall on Son Goku.

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“I had intended to put Gohan in the lead role… It didn’t work out. I felt that, compared to Goku, in the end, he wasn’t a good fit for the role.”manifested Toriyama.

Father and son Kameham Ha is one of the most remembered scenes in the Dragon Ball Z movie.  (Toei Animation)
Father and son Kameham Ha is one of the most remembered scenes in the Dragon Ball Z movie. (Toei Animation)

Why didn’t Gohan get stronger in DRAGON BALL?

Because, as Toriyama said, he doesn’t see in character johan A suitable substance to be converted into a hero, which was achieved in the development of Goku.

Therefore, when he is disappointed with Gohan as the main hero, he mangaca He gave more power to Goku and tied up the young warrior, as we saw later in the following installments of “dragon ball”. Gohan ends up being swallowed up by his father’s powerful shadow.

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