July 14, 2024

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Drivers are warned of snowfall in areas of Canada

Drivers are warned of snowfall in areas of Canada

According to the Authority, the estimated amounts of snow range between 10 and 15 centimetres, and “part of the snow will melt when it comes into contact with the warm ground.”

He advised anyone on the road during the storm to take precautions due to potentially dangerous road conditions and low visibility.

For its part, Calgary city authorities warned drivers to plan ahead when exiting highways.

In a statement, city mobility spokesman Chris McGeachy said crews were working to prepare roads ahead of the storm.

“Our teams are working around the clock, preparing equipment and materials, applying de-icing agents to potential disturbance areas such as bridge decks, and focusing on maintaining safe conditions on Calgary’s busiest roadways under the city’s snow priorities plan,” he said.

They also alerted cyclists and pedestrians to check conditions before their trips, including wearing appropriate footwear.

Weather forecasts indicate that winter will come early this year in the north of the country, despite the expectation of a traditional winter season, with “extremely cold” temperatures and heavy snowfall in most provinces, which means that Canadians will have to prepare early to face the cold. .

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