August 19, 2022

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During Bauma 2022, Kubota will focus on its innovative -5 series and new loader models

Kubota is represented in Spain and Andorra OparristiOnce again, it will have a leading role at Bauma 2022, highlighting from its exhibition the latest developments in the innovative -5 series mini excavators and the last three models that have been incorporated into the family of articulated wheel loaders, including the electric version.

The Kubota-5 series, which includes models KX060-5, U56-5, U50-5, K008-5, and U10-5, is specifically designed to meet the most demanding needs of customers and to match customer requirements. industry.

The three 5-ton machines, the KX060-5, U56-5 and U50-5, ensure that Kubota customers continue to choose between a low swing excavator or a conventional excavator. Each machine is specifically designed with the operator in mind, starting with a larger cab, improved insulation, increased visibility, and a host of new comfort features. The exterior of the machines has also been redesigned to give each one a completely modern look.

The KX060-5 is Kubota’s largest machine in the 5-ton family and is ideal for heavy tools due to the weight-equalization of a traditional rear swing. The U56-5 has a powerful motor and is the largest low-tail swing machine in the range, while the U50-5 is designed to be ideal for the rental market.

In addition, Kubota continues to improve the performance and operational advantages of its mini excavator offering with the K008-5 and U10-5.

Replacing popular models K008-3, U10-3 and U10-3SL, the Kubota K008-5 and U10-5 machines allow users to enjoy even more power, provided by Kubota-designed Stage V engines. With adjustable track widths of 0.7m (K008-5) and 0.75m (zero tail swing U10-5), new excavators deliver excellent all-round visibility and a high strength-to-weight ratio for the toughest job sites. With low ground effect.

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Kubota’s focus on design excellence through its building offerings has been recognized at the highest level. In 2021, Kubota’s U50-5, U56-5, and KX060-5 machines won a world-renowned award for design excellence. The Red Dot Awards reward innovation in many sectors.

Three new articulated bulldozers

Kubota has expanded its wide range of articulated wheel loaders with the launch of a new telescopic loader, the RT105T-2, and two new electric wheel loaders, the RT210-2e and RT220-2e.

The RT105T-2 is based on the RT100-2 with a larger engine (D902 Kubota 25hp vs. D702 Kubota 20hp) and a telescopic boom allowing a maximum height of 2820 mm vs. 2170 mm. It would be an advantage for garden engineers and farmers or on sheds and construction sites that require more reach, lift height, and the ability to work on tight job sites.

The RT210-2e and RT220-2e are the first electric articulated wheel loaders in the Kubota range. It is based on the RT210-2 and RT220-2 diesels where the brand replaces the Kubota engine with an electric system made up of two electric motors (one for machine movement and one for hydraulic action) and a battery pack.

The RT210-2e is particularly interesting on farms, for example, thanks to its lift height, while the RT220-2e will be in demand by construction and rental companies thanks to its operability. It will be well suited for workplaces that require low noise and no CO2 emissions.two.

“We are thrilled to introduce three new models to our wheel loader lineup,” says Matthew Burson, Product Manager, Kubota Europe. The new RT105T-2 paves the way for us in the telescopic handling equipment segment and another machine will soon follow. For the RT210-2e and RT220-2e, it’s the second set of Kubota machines after our tracked dump trucks, which we’ve started electrifying. With respect to our range of diesel powered mini excavators, Kubota aspires to be the market leader in zero-emission machinery.

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