August 19, 2022

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Tierra Amarga from Antena 3: What awaits us in today's episode and the rest of the week |  Film and Television

Tierra Amarga from Antena 3: What awaits us in today’s episode and the rest of the week | Film and Television

The week begins and the followers of the Turkish series earth time They look forward to 5:45 p.m. to sit in front of the TV to watch a new chapter. The fantasy filmed in Turkey is one of the most followed, and not only in Spain, since wherever it is broadcast it manages to catch the eyes of fans who have already become legionnaires.

Drama that emits Antena 3 managed to bring together the main players on the Turkish scene famous faces For viewers of the series.

We know the series is generating a lot of interest, which is why we at Los40 provide a summary on this page of what can be seen on Atresmedia day in and day out.

Antena 3 presents other series that are very popular among its fans, such as love forever also Recently released Hermanos.

What will happen in class today, Monday 4th July, at earth time?

Demir asked Zuleiha for an explanation to hide the truth of an idea she thought of. After having a very honest conversation they reconciled.

Lotfia and Ali Rahmat go to the office I hired a secret thought And find evidence that confirms their suspicions. All this causes Ali Rahmat to have a heart attack. I thought he publishes a confession in the newspaper that reveals the truth of his identity

The series promises a lot of excitement this week. earth time Do not disappoint her intrigues in which love, lies, revenge and surprises are the daily routine. So it is only natural that the viewer gets involved. Fans of this fantasy genre know they can find more Similar series To this both on the platforms and on television.

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