August 19, 2022

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Spain's health sector employment recovers 'boost' and rises 3.8% in June

Spain’s health sector employment recovers ‘boost’ and rises 3.8% in June

Employment in the health sector in Spain is on the rise. In June 2022, the average number of Social Security affiliates By 3.8% compared to the same period last yearup four-tenths from May, according to data released Monday by the Ministry of Integration, Social Security and Immigration.

In total, the number of social security employees in the pharmaceutical sector, health activities and assistance in residential facilities and social service activities without housing Increased to 1.95 million people. The Spanish health sector gained 71,847 workers compared to June 2021 and 22,326 employees compared to May 2022.

On an annual basis, the number of employees in the pharmaceutical sub-sector increased by 5.1%, to 58,182 people; The health activities sector increased the workforce by 1.9% to 1.2 million peopleAnd social services without housing increased the number of workers by 7.8% to 360,528 people.

For its part, the number of workers in the sub-sector designated to assist in residential facilities increased by 5.9% to a total of 301,355 people.

In the sixth month of the year on a general scale, Social Security gained an average of 115,607 subscribers, which is a 0.6% increase over May’s numbers. This is the best data for this month after June 2005 and 2021.

The data is not as positive as that of the sixth month of 2021, which was marked by the withdrawal of restrictions after the pandemic, but it is the best in the historical series if that year is excluded. In terms of the seasonal rate, the affiliation grew by 77,000 people.

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