May 22, 2022

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Dwayne Johnson anuncia la fecha oficial del estreno de Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam: The Racial Controversy

Much controversy revolves around the cast of Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson.

Recently, the big studios have been films Especially in superhero movies, they are fighting for more and more acting with actors of all races. But Mohamed Diabresponsible for some episodes of Moon Night, criticized black Adam From Dwayne Johnson for the Egyptian distortion.

Like the Marvel series moon knight which will be shown for the first time in Disney Pluswill have scenes in Egypt director Mohamed Diab He made sure to have people from this country on the cast to give him as much realism as possible. Something he said, they didn’t do it black Adam From Dwayne Johnson.

“I was really upset with DC when they put Black Adam in a fictional country in the Middle East as an excuse to show non-Egyptian people, when he was supposed to be in Egypt. Opportunities for the show shouldn’t be wasted…but it’s not completely wrong as it relies on recurring Caricature This does not mention Egypt.”

You have to remember that black Adam was originally from EgyptBut his history in the comics has been changing and he is now from a fictional country Kandaq. something very common DC Comics, because they usually create states, so that there is not much debate with representation. Although in this case Mohamed Diab It’s a wrong decision.

moon knight will reach Disney Plus On March 20, 2022. While black Adam From Dwayne Johnson It changed its release date and we won’t see it in the summer anymore, but it will be released in cinemas on October 21, 2022. After that it will be shown for the first time. Shazam! 2 Wrath of the Godson December 21, 2022. So there could be an epic crossover between my two stories DC Comics.

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