May 23, 2022

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Education and health, the items that could have the largest budget for 2023

Education and health, the items that could have the largest budget for 2023

The Ministry of Finance announced the initial draft of the state’s general budget, which it will implement during the next year. The portfolio expects both the Senate and the House of Representatives to approve a proposal worth $344.9 billion, a figure that El Tiempo estimates, which is -1.5% less than what was allocated for this year.

According to the media, the sector that will receive the most resources in 2023 is the education sector, which will allocate about $51.9 billion to projects and investment. It is followed by health with $44.1 billion, and work in third place with $35.6 billion allocated to developing the work environment in the country, affected by the pandemic.

The Ministry of Education will allocate about $50.8 billion, which is 5.6% more than this year. As for the health portfolio, the media revealed that it will amount to 42.5 billion dollars. Other entities such as Invima will also increase their resources by up to $302,815 million, and the Health Oversight Authority will base their resources at $280,958 million.

As for the Department of Labor, Congress is expected to approve about $31.7 billion, an increase of 3.4%. However, the National Learning Service (Sina) will have a lower budget, around $3.8 billion, as will the Public Service’s Special Administrative Unit, an entity that will see its budget cut.

Resources for peace could also be reduced for next year, as the Special Judiciary for Peace would receive 4.4% less, at $358,236 million. As for the defense sector, the item will get $29.3 billion, which is 1.7% less if the current year’s budget is taken into account. Other items such as the judicial branch will amount to $6 billion; housing $4.9 billion; Justice $3.8 billion; Mines $3.6 billion.

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