May 22, 2022

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eFootball 2022 1.0 |  PES 2022 |  Features |  Five keys |  Release date |  Price |  improvements |  news |  Konami |  Mexico |  Spain |  USA |  Technique

eFootball 2022 1.0 | PES 2022 | Features | Five keys | Release date | Price | improvements | news | Konami | Mexico | Spain | USA | Technique

On September 30, 2021, It was launched on the market , the new soccer video game that brought an end to the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) brand with a proposal focused on online gameplay and free availability on the multiple platforms on which it was released. Although the proposal was interesting, the title contains a large number of errors in both graphics and gameplay, as well as in the limited content that it offered compared to previous installments.

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The critics and the developer did not wait and expected a large number of improvements to be added to the game in its 1.0 update. Finally, this patch was released on April 14th and here we give you five keys to understanding everything it contains and how to improve the video game that was, for a long time, considered a disaster.

No more horror faces

Although the community of players stressed that the lack of game modes for competition was one of the big mistakes in the title, what appeared on social networks was the graphic section of the video game. The faces of Messi, Ronaldo and other famous football players who make very strange faces are becoming very popular on Facebook and Instagram.

Fortunately, this section has been improved and while it doesn’t look as good as previous PES games, it has been worked on enough that there are no scary situations in the middle of the game. Other issues like bugs and glitches are also fixed by the company in this patch.

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The graphics quality of the game has been improved. (Photo: Konami)

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great shots

The gameplay is at the heart of this update and Konami made that clear by adding new mechanics that make the title more dynamic and entertaining. Great shots are part of these additions and consist in finding space to break the opponent’s defense with a powerful blow, which can be a goal pass or a shot on goal.

To do this, you just have to hold down the right trigger (R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox) and kick, but to do it right, you will have to find an ideal opportunity, if the defense is placed at the back of the game. Court, it won’t do much. The player in question will perform an animation allowing him to take a few seconds to position himself well and shoot.

Cool shots are one of the mechanics that have been added to the game in the new update.  (Photo: Konami)
Cool shots are one of the mechanics that have been added to the game in the new update. (Photo: Konami)

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More gameplay options

While the most eye-catching thing is the great shots, eFootball 2022 has also added more alternatives to create the perfect gaming experience. Another mechanism included in the 1.0 update is the midfield pass by holding down the right shoulder button (R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox). The player who gave the pass runs into an empty space looking for the ball to return, but it can also be used to attract the attention of the opponent’s defense.

The rest of the alternatives focus on defense such as pressure coming back from PES, shoulder-to-shoulder clashes and other defense positions with the aim of getting the ball back. Other more subtle improvements such as dribbling response, scrolling speed, finishing and UI adjustments have been added to the shaping menu.

eFootball 2022 interface in update 1.0.  (Photo: Konami)
eFootball 2022 interface in update 1.0. (Photo: Konami)

Dream Team

Konami has decided to rename the creative team as Dream Team, a way in which users can put together their dream teams with the best players on the planet, decide which squads and even the style of play they will have. Among the additions, there is a hierarchy of player cards (Legendary, Popular, Player of the Week, Standard, Standard (maximum) and Foil). Standard class cards can be claimed through GP, the in-game currency, so you don’t need to spend real money to get them.

The goal is to confront people with their armed and trained teams in online mode or locally using the CPU. Unfortunately, Konami mentioned that the title does not contain cross-games, so users of Sony consoles like PS4 and PS5 will only be able to encounter other users of those platforms. The same goes for Xbox and PC.

Players enter the football field.  (Photo: Konami)
Players enter the football field. (Photo: Konami)

eFootball League

To enhance the Dream Team mode, Konami has implemented an eFootball League, a player-versus-player (PvP) section where users can use their teams. For 28 days, players must compete to score points in the league standings and reach the highest tier, unlocking prizes along the way like coins to get new soccer player cards.

The season will run for two months and thematic content will be incorporated during this time, which will vary with each closing of the period.

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