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“El Gran Chef Famosos” LIVE: Premiere of the eighth season of the reality cooking show with Yaco Eskenazi and Ivana Yturbe

“El Gran Chef Famosos” LIVE: Premiere of the eighth season of the reality cooking show with Yaco Eskenazi and Ivana Yturbe

At the premiere of this new season, expectations are high. Faces of American television such as Yako Eskenazi and Silo Torres They changed shirts. In addition, new talents come to steal space in the hearts of the audience. Watch the preview here.

This Tuesday, May 28, a new group of celebrities will face off in the competition, looking to impress the judges and prove themselves as the best | Latin

Who are the 12 participants in the new season of The Great Celebrity Chef?

On Tuesday, May 28, 6 of the 12 people called up for this season will make their debut in the most popular cuisine on Peruvian television. The full list of celebrities who will appear in this season is the former TV presenter Yako Eskenazicumbia singer Jonathan Rojas, model and influencer ivana Ytorbe, Journalist karina borrero, Actor José Miguel Arguelles, dancer Brenda CarvalhoAnd also a former football player JulianoAnd former volleyball player Layla Chihwan and singers Saint J, Cielo Torres and Ariana Fernandez.

Participants of the “Celebrity Chef” program. (information)

Who won the final season of The Greatest Celebrity Chef?

In the men’s final, where they faced off Emilram Cossio, Gino Acerito, and Mathias Brivio Emotions were running through the roof. During the first half of the competition, the three participants had to face each other with an entrance. After his submission, the jury members decided that Kosio could not continue and he was awarded third place.

after that, Acerito and Brivio They continued to bicker to prepare dessert and the main course. The best of both will prove themselves to be the best. The night was tense and with it the judges were silent just to avoid revealing whether anyone was the favourite.

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Before knowing the winner Matthias Brivio He showed his emotions and broke down when he admitted it was a nice place to work where he arrived despite his years in television. “It’s hard for me to say anything… It’s come true. This is a world, television is an ungrateful and brutal world. A jungle and it’s nice to find such islands in this jungle. This is the most beautiful island I’ve ever found. I know you’re kidding me about how many Years spent in television, it’s very few, but finding islands like this fills you with satisfaction. I want to thank each and every one of you for making me feel that the most beautiful things can also be done on television. “Sorry for making me so excited,” he said.

Just a few minutes later, José Pelaez named Matias Brivio as the absolute winner of the season. Thus the former host of ‘Esto es Guerra’ won the pot of gold leaving Gino Acierito in second place.

Mathias Brivio wins the “Celebrity Chef of the Restaurant” award. | Latin

How many seasons does The Greatest Celebrity Chef have?

The Latina Television show had 7 seasons, and issue #8 will premiere on May 28, and on each occasion, 12 celebrities faced each other in search of victory. Only on one occasion did they appear in pairs, multiplying the number of contestants by two.

The participants of “El Gran Chef Famosos” did not give a great performance at the ceremony held on Monday, April 22. latin tv.

How to watch Latina Live?

the end of ‘“Famous Chef, Restaurant” Latina TV can be enjoyed live and online. To access the live broadcast, those interested must visit the official portal www.latina.pe/tvenvivo. Additionally, the event will be available on YouTube, with multiple platforms available so that viewers do not miss any details about this highly anticipated cooking competition.

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For those who prefer to watch the program on TV, channel options vary depending on the service provider: DirecTV (channel 192 SD), Movistar TV (channels 102 SD, 802 HD, 2 SD and 702 HD), Claro TV (channels 2 SD), 2 HD and 502 HD ), and the best cable (channel 2). These alternatives allow viewers to select the option that best suits their preferences.

Where can I watch The Great Celebrity Chef live?

TV Latina’s cooking program can be watched via the open signal on Channel 2 or its derivatives depending on the operators you may have at home. In addition, it has its own digital platform where you can also follow minute by minute without problems.

The grand finale of “Celebrity Chef, Restaurant.” | Latin