June 23, 2024

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Peru vs Cuba LIVE NOW: Point by point for History 2 of the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup

Peru vs Cuba LIVE NOW: Point by point for History 2 of the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup

Third group: The official broadcast of the match suffers from technical malfunctions and has not been resolved yet.

Third group: Goal from Ariana Vasquez! The captain gives Peru the lead (16-13).

Third group: Peruvian bloc! the “two-tone” He puts his hands strong and leads by two points (14-12).

Third group: Go, Peru! The national team turns things around and wins 11-10.

Third group: So close! Point by point, Peru loses to Cuba 9-10.

Third group: Cuba has the advantage in the first technical time of the quarter. The Peruvian team lost 6-8.

Third group: Cuba returns with four consecutive points (4-5).

Third group: A good start from Peru, which beat Cuba 4-1.

Third group: Peru and Cuba are already playing a new combination. the “two-tone” He hopes to make fewer mistakes to win the third round again.

the second group: Cuba takes the partial 25-19. Antonio Rizzola ended up angry because of the referee’s decision on the last point.

Antonio Rizzola fumed on the final point of the second set of Peru’s match against Cuba for the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup. (Video: FNVG)

the second group: Cuba is one point away from winning the group (17-24).

the second group: Cuba exceeds 21 points and puts Peru in trouble (15-21).

the second group: Cuba wants to win this group and wins by four points over Peru (14-18).

the second group: Peruvian bloc! “Bi-Color” does not give up and continues to approach (13-15).

The Peruvian bloc says it is present. Peru vs. Cuba in the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup. (Video: FNVG)

the second group: Peru narrowed the gap with Cuba to only three points (8-11). Nothing is said in this part.

the second group: Cuba responded, now winning the second set 8-3.

the second group: Valentina Barrientos scores Peru’s first point in the group. the “two-tone” Loses to Cuba 1-3.

the second group: Match action has resumed! Peru seeks to win a new part.

The first group: Set point! Peru is one point away at the end of the first quarter of the match (24-15).

The first group: Peru is still at the level! “Bi-Colour” defeats Cuba 22-15.

The first group: Peru easily reaches 20 points, maintaining a nine-point lead over Cuba (20-11).

The first group: A good attack by Gianella Chanca, who scores two consecutive points, keeping Peru in the lead (16-9).

Gianella Chanca points in Peru’s match against Cuba in the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup.

The first group: Cuba recovers little by little and closes the gap with Peru, which continues to win (12-8). Professor Rizzola asks for time.

The first group: The first technical time of the match. Peru beats Cuba 8-2

The first group: Cuba achieves its first points, but Peru remains ahead (6-2).

The first group: Good start for Peru! the “two-tone” He gets the first four points of the match and wins easily (4-0).

Peru’s first four points against Cuba in the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup. (Video: FNVG)

The first group: The match has begun in Guatemala! Peru and Cuba actually meet in the second date of the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup.

Peru starting lineup: Camila Mong, Ariana Vazquez, Gianella Chanca, Galilea Fuentes, Camila Repata, Valentina Barrientos, Liana Torres

Warm-ups have begun before Peru’s match against Cuba. The players of both teams entered the field to warm up already.

Peru and Cuba warm up before their U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup duel. (Video: FNVG)

The Dominican Republic had great success in Guatemala, winning in straight sets over the current NORCECA champion, Mexico. In a few minutes, the broadcast of Peru vs. Cuba in the other match in Group A will begin.

The Dominican Republic beat Mexico 3-0 in the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup. Credit: Norsica

The other match in Group A is already being held: the Dominican Republic faces Mexico, and at a later date the match between Peru and Cuba will be held.

Mexico faces the Dominican Republic in the other match in Group A

the Peru national volleyball team He faces a new challenge in Pan American Cup U17He is looking for a victory that will allow him to dream of reaching the semi-finals of the tournament. The next competitor to beat will be none other than… Cuba Today, Tuesday, May 28, is the second appointment for the first group. After their victory over the Dominican Republic in their first appearance, “two-tone” He hopes to repeat history against the Cubans.

Cuba: This is how Peru’s new rival arrives at the match

Unlike Peru, the Cuban national team was unable to start the tournament on the right foot. The Central American national team faced Mexico and suffered a painful 3-0 defeat (25-17, 25-14, 25-20) at the hands of Mexico, the current Norsica champion in the U-17 category. That match went to Mexican Aitana Tangoma with 17 points, followed by Cuban Salé Valdes with 14 points.

How did Peru perform in her debut?

The Peruvian national team started its participation in the U-17 Pan American Volleyball Cup in the best way. the “two-tone” Achieve a A resounding victory in straight sets (3-0) over the Dominican RepublicAt all times, he showed great superiority over his opponent, who committed many unforced errors. The national team won 25-16, 26-24, 25-19 to achieve its first victory in Guatemala, with Ariana Vázquez the top scorer in the match with 16 points.

Peru defeated the Dominican Republic in its first appearance in the U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup. Credit: Norsica

Players who represent Peru in Guatemala

The Peruvian team led by Prof Antonio RizzolaIt consists of 12 players for the competition in Guatemala. The Brazilian coach chose this group, which is very similar to the South American Under-17 group last year, to face this important challenge, which is considered preparation for the next World Cup in this category. This is the full list:

– Brenda Quiroz (Gemini)

– Camila Mong (Lima Regattas)

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– Alexa Vega Centeno (Gemini)

– Ariana Vasquez (Colibri Iquitos)

-Paola Moriano (Rebaza Acosta)

-Friosa Mora (Lima Alliance)

– Gianella Chanca (Rebaza Acosta)

– Galilea Fuentes (University of San Martin)

– Camila Repata (Tupac Amaru)

– Liana Torres (Deportivo Swan)

– Ceccia Marinho (Saint Martin)

-Valentina Barrientos (Lima Regattas)

Peru vs Cuba: Where to watch the match

The confrontation between the Peruvians and the Cubans can be watched exclusively live on the national team’s official Facebook account National Volleyball Federation of Guatemala (FNVG). In this way, all matches of the NORCECA Championship will be broadcast, from the preliminary round to the final stage. Likewise, in Peru information We will continue to provide live coverage of the challenges you face “two-tone” In Guatemala, where they follow their matches minute by minute and provide you with all the necessary details.

The National Volleyball Federation of Guatemala will broadcast all matches of the Under-17 Pan American Cup

Peru vs Cuba: What time do they play?

The Peruvian and Cuban teams will meet in the first group of the second date of the continental championship today, Tuesday, May 28, starting at four in the afternoon in Guatemala, the host country of the event. In Peruvian time, the duel is scheduled to take place at 5:00 pm., according to the official equipment. It is worth noting that all matches are held at the Sports Dome in Guatemala City.

Peru represents South America

The Peruvian volleyball team was one of two South American teams invited to compete in the FIVB World Championships Pan American Cup for U17 Volleyball. Besides the “two-tone”Venezuela also plays, but in Group B of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) competitions. The national team is included in Group A, alongside the teams of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico, which are seeking a place in the next round.

U17 Pan American Volleyball Cup groups with Peru and Venezuela as guest nations from South America. Credit: Norsica