November 28, 2023

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El Salvador, a country awaiting registration

El Salvador, a country awaiting registration

In both cases, darkness was not a partner in what a crowd of journalists and some sympathizers expected. President Nayib Bukele announced the possibility of heading to the Supreme Court building on Tuesday, 24th of this month. It didn’t happen.

The NT also did not submit its recording, whose candidate Luis Parada and umbrella president, Andy Weiler, appeared on Tuesday in an interview with the program Frente a Frente, during which they spoke about the illegitimacy of Bukele’s candidacy.

Even Parada addressed aspects of the national events, and the government’s alleged negotiations with the gangs, at one point saying that by June 1, 2024, if he wins, Bukele and many of his ministers will likely no longer be in the country, right? Corruption or mismanagement in the government? It was an expectation that hung in the air.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Electoral Court extended the registration hours for candidates, while police and journalists gathered around the electoral headquarters. There was speculation about Bukele’s arrival, but the streets remained open.

Even the president had until 10 p.m. (local time) to arrive at the forum, but what is most likely, according to observers, is that the maneuver will take place during the daylight hours of Thursday the 26th, when the deadline for registration in the council is. Vice Presidential candidate Felix Ulloa.

While the forecast remained, rain accompanied by electric shocks made Tuesday night in San Salvador even darker.

The deadline for the maneuver initiated by FMLN presidential candidate Manuel Flores on September 7 expires in a few hours.

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According to El Mundo newspaper, President Bukele is expected to request the registration within the next few hours. Various sources on the Tokyo Stock Exchange speculated that the arrival could be Tuesday night, Wednesday night, or even Thursday night. The atmosphere is tense.

Even the National Nationalist Party, which will be registered today, asked the Supreme Court to reject the president’s nomination as unconstitutional and claimed that the Constitution of the Republic prohibits it in six articles and does not allow it in any of them.

Weiler said, “The text of the constitution prohibits repeating the presidential elections, and prohibits registering the candidacy of the current President of the Republic.”

He believed that if the unconstitutional restriction of the president was published, we would return to submit another document challenging his legitimacy.

This Wednesday, Salvadorans will watch Nuestro Tiempo unfold from a distance, as expectations grow over whether Bukele will deliver on his promise, and time is running out to await the outcome.