August 19, 2022

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Elden Ring in its final stage of development

According to some comments from FromSoftware Manager Yasuhiro Kitao, Elden’s next episode is in its final stage of development. Elden Ring is one of the most awaited titles, and the involvement of famous fiction writer George R.R. Martin is getting fans excited. Although the game did not appear on the Tokyo Game Show, those who have been waiting for this game have received a small update regarding its progress.

The game will be released early next year and its director attended for a short time Answer some questions about the game, including its development status. Kitao was in a video presentation hosted by Famitsu. One of the questions they asked him was about the content of the Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring in its final stage of development

During the video, Kitao describes the game as the culmination of FromSoftware’s experience, and also discusses how many dungeons can be found in the game’s vast open world. Other details discussed are the Elden Ring map and fast travel features, which It will be a great novelty compared to the company’s previous games. That includes the map’s size, and Kitao explained it’s more outlandish and unconventional.

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The game director ended his brief appearance on the show by sharing this Hope to meet fan expectations As the team continues to develop Elden Ring. It should be noted that Kitao was only present for ten minutes on the program Famitsu. Despite this, his appearance revealed that the Elden ring is in its final stages of development and plenty of features that could impress fans of this upcoming title.

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