January 19, 2022

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Elections in Honduras: Preliminary results give an advantage to presidential candidate Xiomara Castro - Juventud Rebelde

Elections in Honduras: Preliminary results give an advantage to presidential candidate Xiomara Castro – Juventud Rebelde

The National Electoral Council of Honduras was updating the preliminary results of Sunday’s election and thanks to 51.30 percent of the computerized presidential vote roll, candidate Xiomara Castro leads the competition.

51.30 percent corresponds to 9,384 of the 18,933 presidential laws to be addressed, at the moment Chiyomara Castro of the Free Party has 958,791 votes (53.61 percent); Nasri Asfoura for the National Party 605,785 votes (33.87 percent). Jani Rosenthal of the Liberal Party, 164,735 votes (9.21 percent).

The head of the National Electoral Council considered the population’s participation in the general elections. “We congratulate the people of Honduras who have shown that we can build our future in peace, debate and democracy,” he said.

“We mentioned that we have reached a historic participation, in which a total of 5,182,425 Hondurans voted, which is equivalent to 68.81 percent of the population of eligible citizens,” the council president stressed.

Regarding the dynamics of the election day, the head of the National Electoral Council confirmed that it is going smoothly, “we highlight the flawless security level at which the elections were held, and a successful process was organized,” he said.

“To be the first time this new system has been used, residents reported that the biometrics verification system was a critical factor in generating the purity and transparency of the process,” Aguirre explained.

After learning of the first electoral results, the hypothetical winner of the elections in Honduras, Chiomara Castro, of the Libertad y Retardación (Libre) party, thanked the people and all political sectors that allowed her to achieve victory.

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In his statements, Castro announced that he was in the process of forming a government of reconciliation, peace and justice, and added that he would work to build a true participatory democracy in the Central American country.

Socialism asserted that its de facto victory would put an end to tyranny and continuity in Honduras “Power will never again be abused in this country, because from this moment on, the people will be the eternal current in Honduras.”

He indicated that he would invite all sectors in Honduras to dialogue to find points of agreement and to allow us to form the minimum rules for the next government.

Earlier, the coordinator of the Free Party and the former president of the nation, Manuel Zelaya, thanked the residents for going in large numbers to the polls, “today is a holiday as the country is re-established,” he said.

From Twitter, I support the victory of the Honduran people