April 22, 2024

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Elections in Nicaragua: a calm and safe environment 'The World' Granma

Elections in Nicaragua: a calm and safe environment ‘The World’ Granma

The presidential and legislative elections were held this Sunday in Nicaragua, in a calm and safe environment, with a large and highly organized turnout at the polls.

Although the official results were not known at the end of this edition, both in pre-election opinion polls and those conducted by some accredited media, the Sandinista Front, headed by incumbent President Daniel Ortega, has a clear advantage.

In these elections, the president and vice president will be elected, as well as 92 deputies to the National Assembly and 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament (Barlacin).

For this occasion, the electoral authority has invited international companions, people who are highly qualified from an electoral point of view, with experience in elections in Africa and Asia and especially in the recent elections in Bolivia, according to Sputnik.

The OAS was not invited as an observer for this election due to its terrible performance in Bolivia, in 2019, where it orchestrated a coup against Evo Morales.

It was truly ridiculous that the US government and the European Union ruled out the Nicaraguan elections long before they even took place.

It is in both cases a government and an institution that claims to be a defender of the democratic rights of the peoples, and that is based on false news and questionable political maneuvering, is able to question an electoral outcome before that right takes place. Exercising the voting process, sorting it transparently and with the approval of 232 electoral facilities from 27 countries.