April 12, 2024

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Eleven Guatemalan parties have defined the presidential binomials

Eleven Guatemalan parties have defined the presidential binomials

Within five days, the Supreme Court of Elections (TSE) will make the official call to the polls and after 24 hours the registration of the binomial and various contested positions, 160 congressional seats, 2 MPs in the Central American Parliament, and 340 municipal corporations will begin.

Hence, the groups rush to hold their national councils at the specified time and put all their documents in order to register their teams first. For the first to do so, the prize will be to choose which spot to take on the ballots, so much so that many already have emissaries lined up at the TSE doors.

The day before, the Republican Party introduced Rafael Espada and Arturo Herrador as presidential spouses and most of the meetings will take place between this month and February.

Espada, a physician and surgeon, was the vice president of Álvaro Colom’s government with the National Unity of Hope (UNE).

Like almost all of them, their main lines of action to gain power are aimed at combating corruption, insecurity and violence, attracting foreign investment and improving health and education indicators.

So far, Todos, Azul, Humanista, Valor, Cabal, Podemos, Peoples’ Liberation Movement, Vamos / Partido de Avanzada Nacional, UNE and Integración Nacional, are among the 29 parties ready to enter the contest.

The election campaign will officially begin on March 25 and will end three months later, although many have already ventured to gain followers on social networks despite the ban.