August 8, 2022

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Emilia and Nikki Nicole Become X-Men in 'Intoxicao' Anitta Interacts |  Video clip |  Present

Emilia and Nikki Nicole Become X-Men in ‘Intoxicao’ Anitta Interacts | Video clip | Present

Everyone is waiting for the arrival drunkcooperation that emily s Nikki Nicole They announced a few days ago. The wait is finally over and we can now listen to this new preview of Mernes’ album.

Get ready to give your all with this new reggaeton song. Both meet in drunkwhich is a topic in which they talk about how they relate to a boy. Some of his poems say: “I am his heroine, and I know that I am hooked on him. In his pupils I see that he is drunk.”

but this is not all. The song is accompanied by a video with a fan wink X men They understood at first. In the world of monstrosities there is a person whose power is to strike anyone who meets his gaze. That’s why you should always wear sunglasses.

In this case, Emilia enters a center to heal her “problem”. There he meets Dr. Nicole who tries to understand what is happening to him in order to solve it. He gains the trust of his partner, who has a power very similar to that of Cyclops. The surprise in the video is that he shares power with Nikki herself, who ends up confessing to him in the middle room. They both run away from the place and save each other.

The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the drunk These two artists were well received. In just a few hours, it has crossed 1 million views and crept into the top three in YouTube trends.

In fact, several artists have responded to this version on social media, and they all share the same idea. One of them is AnitaWho, after seeing the cover of the case, did not hesitate to praise them gently. “Wow, awesome,” the Brazilian says among the answers.

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As mentioned in the previous lines, the song will be part of Emilia’s debut album. Do you believe in me? It will see a before and after in the artist’s career, who is more excited than ever to share this new project with her fans. For now, we’ll have to wait to see when it will be released and how many songs it will include. You will be successful!