July 1, 2022

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Health reports a "serious deficit" of medical staff in Veracruz and Guerrero

Health reports a “serious deficit” of medical staff in Veracruz and Guerrero

Less Veracruz, Chiapas and Michoacan apps

Zoe Robledo, Director General of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), reports that one week after the call for 13,765 medical professionals was launched, 19,664 applications have been received so far.

However, he clarified that out of 13,765 vacancies, only applications were received for 4,040 places available, while they did not receive resumes from applicants for 9,725 positions.

“What about those who don’t have any applications, where are they, since no one has shown an interest yet? Of those 9,725 who did not have any applications, 3,390 are in the municipalities with less than 250,000 inhabitants, which are such municipalities as Taxco, Cuautla, Boca del Río or Zacatecas, they are not necessarily rural areas, they are small cities, but they are not receiving interest. 38% of these vacancies are in Chiapas and Michoacan and in the state of Veracruz,” he said.

While most applications were received in Mexico City, Jalisco, Puebla, State of Mexico.

Six majors account for 66% of vacancies:

Internal Medicine: 333 applications were received to fill 1,753 vacancies.

Medical-Surgical Emergencies: 450 applications have been submitted to 1,728 vacancies.

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Submitted from 989 to 1572 places.

Pediatrics: 949 applications were received to fill 1517 vacancies.

Anesthesia: applied for 1,310 to 1,367 places.

General Surgery: 571 applications were received to fill 1097 vacancies.

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