June 21, 2024

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Emilia Drago and Jorge Aravena, actors from the movie “Pituca sin Lucas”, will be present in “El Gran Chef Famosos”.

Emilia Drago and Jorge Aravena, actors from the movie “Pituca sin Lucas”, will be present in “El Gran Chef Famosos”.

Emilia Drago and Jorge Aravena, actors from the movie “Pituca sin Lucas”, will be in “El Gran Chef Famosos”. latin tv.

New season of “The Great Celebrity Chef: The Restaurant.”He continues to present the news, after completing his first year on Peruvian television, on Monday, May 6, he will host the main cast as special guests. “Petoka without Lucas” The new novel that plans to conquer all Peruvian families.

The Latina TV channel will show the premiere of the novel that stars it Emilia Drago and Jorge Aravena The first episode will be broadcast immediately after the last episode of “My father is in trouble.”

Starting at 7:25 p.m., cooking show participants will be treated to a visit by actors; Jano Baca, Priscilla Espinosa, Cocoli Morante, Jorge Aravena and Emilia Drago, Who will reach out to the group of young chefs to invite them to see the new family show.

The actors from “Pituca sin Lucas” will be in “El Gran Chef Famosos”. latin tv.

The competition is getting tougher and the celebrities will have to face different challenges to win the pot of gold.

The participants still on the reality cooking show who were not eliminated during the “Restaurant” season are; Flavia Laus, Doretta Orbegoso, Gino Acierito, Ekaterina Konysheva, Juan Carlos Rey de Castro.

And ok, on to the replay results table Matías Brivio and Giovanna Valcarcel They will be the first to return to competition. There is still a place for one more contestant to be announced on Saturday, May 4, which is the final date for the re-contest.

Participants who are still in the competition on “The Great Celebrity Chef.” latin tv.

The premiere of this production that promises to be a success “My father is in trouble” It will be on May 6, approximately after 9:30 p.m., after the series tournament Juan Carlos, King of Castro.

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“Petoka without Lucas” It presents the story of María Teresa de la Puente (Emilia Drago), a wealthy woman who is forced to rebuild her life after her husband runs into financial problems and disappears, leaving her without resources.

Tisci and his family move to a middle-class area, where they will meet Manuel Gallardo (Jorge Aravena) A widowed man with four children who works at a fishing station. Despite their initial differences, an irresistible attraction begins to emerge between them.

“Pituca sin lucas” already has a release date. latina tv

America TV He did not stand still and prepared a special program to compete with the popular finale and premiere of the Latina Televisión series. “My Father is in Trouble” and “Petoka Without Lucas”respectively.

To do this, on Monday 6 May, Channel 4 will present a special episode in which the characters are from “The other concha” He will appear in an episode of “Down there is a place” vice versa.

According to the promotional video for the Pachacamac channel, Emilio Concha (Paul Martin(He will visit Nuevas Lomas and will meet again with Charito Flores)Monica Sanchez). He stares at her and asks, “You and I, don’t we know each other?”, surprising Gonzalez’s mother. As you may recall, Paul and Monica starred in the series in previous years. “Back to the neighborhood” On the same TV

“Al Fondo Hay Sitio” and “The Others Concha” come together for a special episode: the actors will appear in interesting scenes. America TV.

Behind them appears Estela Vargas (Tula Rodriguez), who sees them talking and comments by crossing his arms; “Look at this coincidence.” Felix Pandoro (Carlos Solano) is also participating in this promo.

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“The other concha” They will also receive Gonzalez, according to the photos they shared “America TV”“Tito” (Laszlo Kovacs) and “Teresita” (Majdil Ogaz), Dignitaries “There’s room at the bottom.”they will have Josephine (Syren Ortiz), Guido (Miguel Davalos) and Max (Emile Mikati) Characters from the hit series Del Barrio Productions.

Teresita and Tito will meet Josephine, Guido and Max in a special episode of “The Other Concha”. America TV.