April 13, 2024

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Emirates Team New Zealand's AC75 will arrive in Barcelona in June

Emirates Team New Zealand's AC75 will arrive in Barcelona in June

Barcelona, ​​February 23 (EFE).- Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZL) has announced that it will launch the AC75 (Monkeys with Foils) in early April and will compete with it at the America's Cup in Barcelona. Its new boat will arrive in Catalonia next June.

ETNZL CEO Grant Dalton announced from the team's base in Auckland that the team will remain based in New Zealand after launch. “We will test it and travel here with it before it is taken to Barcelona in June,” he explained.

The arrival of the third-generation AC75 has caused great anticipation as it will bring to an end two years in which secrecy prevailed over their designs and technological developments.

So it will be crucial for the five competitors in Barcelona to see the AC75 'Kiwi' in action, as the design and technical changes the New Zealanders have implemented to build their monohulls with AC75 'foils' will be revealed. Be fierce, fast and sophisticated like the winner of the 36th edition of 'Te Rehudai' (Sea Breeze) held in Auckland.

It should be remembered that the protocol for the 37th America's Cup, considering the AC75 design rules, was drawn by Emirates Team New Zealand as the defending champions and INEOS Britannia as the first challenger.

The New Zealand team trained with 'Te Rehutai' in Barcelona, ​​from July 2023, the second-generation monohull arrived at its base in Port Wells, Barcelona, ​​until last October, when ETNZL moved to its base in New Zealand. His training in the southern summer.

Engineers and designers believe that many new technological developments are under the hood and impossible to figure out how the control systems work.

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The New Zealanders are continuing intensive training in the Hauraki Gulf with their AC40-LEQ12 (test boat) and are also holding sessions on part of the regatta courses where they won the 36th America's Cup in 2021.

Currently, the team is practicing navigation techniques with revolutionary asymmetric structural 'foils' (hydrofoils).