April 13, 2024

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NTT DATA highlights the benefit of combining proprietary and cutting-edge 5G technologies such as AI at MWC 2024

NTT DATA highlights the benefit of combining proprietary and cutting-edge 5G technologies such as AI at MWC 2024

NTT DATA is ready to show the world how the implementation of proprietary and cutting-edge 5G/5G technologies such as cloud, generative AI or digital twins, among others, has the potential to significantly improve businesses in various industries. This is the strategic vision that NTT DATA will present during its participation in the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona.

The company has been a permanent and active participant in MWC, the most important communications exhibition in the world, and this year it takes another step forward, significantly increasing its commitment and showcasing all the experience of a global leader in IT services. With unique experience in the field of communications.

NTT DATA is currently addressing the most important challenges facing the telecommunications industry and providing future solutions and strategies that ensure the success of customers and partners. This approach invites you to follow a path and some key action points:

  • Moving from telecommunications to technology and computing, identifying key opportunities to review the position of communications service providers (CSPs).
  • Maximize the value of business and network assets, by changing business models.
  • Moving from connectivity to digital services, prioritizing the digital ecosystem and differentiated experience over a vision based solely on customer ownership.

All of this is happening in the context of a rapidly changing environment and in an industry such as telecommunications that is becoming increasingly strategic and where competition is more global than ever before. This dynamic environment highlights the dual need for the sector, both in terms of infrastructure and innovation.

Recognizing these changes, telecom operators are not only focusing on improving infrastructure to enhance services for both B2C and B2B customers, but are also diversifying their core businesses. This strategic move means that technology plays an essential role in evolving towards a more efficient and sustainable way of working.

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Teodoro Lopez, Communications Partner at NTT DATAbelieves that the constant changes being witnessed by the major players in the telecommunications industry “It undoubtedly represents a paradigm shift in relation to what we have observed in previous years. The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Genetic AI, Cloud or Digital Twins is crucial to improving efficiency, thus transforming the core operations of telcos and the way they will create value for their customers. These technologies are rapidly penetrating All aspects of business and economics. As experts, we are ready to support all our clients and work side by side with them on their path and development..

Furthermore, just over two years ago, NTT DATA has launched its innovative platform Private enterprise 5G, a fully integrated solution that fits seamlessly into an organization's existing IT infrastructure. It is classified as A fully managed solution, a complete private LTE/5G network as a service solution from NTT DATA Unique, offering on-premises deployments supported by global experts in managed services, with an operational-based business model. This platform too Helps enhance the complete ecosystem NTT DATA, together with key players and partners, Offers a solution without competition to the market.

“By listening to our customers, we know that the future of digital transformation depends on processing huge data sets in real-time. Combined with the growing number of smart devices, stringent security requirements and new requirements resulting from generative AI applications, private 5G connectivity is critical to this Transformation With its reliable connections, low latency, high bandwidth, data and the ability to protect sensitive data.. From Las Vegas and Lyondell Basel to BMW, Albemarle, Schneider Electric, Frankfurt and Cologne Bonn airports, among others, NTT DATA stands at the forefront of digital transformation. “Big in all industries.”he explains Shahid Ahmed, Executive Vice President, New Business and Innovation, NTT Ltd.

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Join NTT DATA at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress marks an exciting milestone as we show the world our newly formed partnership between NTT DATA and NTT Ltd. To create a leading global force in IT services with revenues of US$30 billion and more than 190,000 employees worldwide.

In industries such as manufacturing, mining, ports, warehousing and transportation, we are seeing tremendous convergence between IT and operational environments that require innovations in connectivity. As NTT DATA, we build intelligent data platforms, delivering real-time analytics at the edge, with our deep consulting expertise and applications that enable organizations to unlock digital use cases they never thought possible.

What's next?

continued Sessions and NTT DATA expert panel at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024And follow us LinkedIn And other social media platforms to see the latest event updates.