April 13, 2024

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How important is sleep for athletes?

How important is sleep for athletes?

According to Dr. Carlos Gutierrez, Medical Director of Actiage Anti-aging in an interview with MARCA: “Professional athletes spend long hours training and preparing, which entails great physical and mental fatigue. For them, it is essential that they sleep enough hours and have good quality sleep because during these hours their bodies can recover from the fatigue they have experienced.”

“Sleep reduces metabolic expenditure, heart rate and lowers body temperature. At the endocrine level, cortisol levels decrease and other essential hormones are modified when exercising, such as thyroid hormones or growth hormone, which is necessary for muscle repair and growth.

Sleep improves reaction time

According to Carlos: “Muscles are the most affected by sports They also need to recover. Through rest we allow the muscles to recover and avoid injuries and muscle tears. Sleep also supports the immune system and brain health, which is essential to any athlete's performance. “Adequate sleep improves cognitive function, attention, reaction time, and coordination, which can improve athletic performance and accuracy in athletic movements.”

Lack of sleep may increase the risk of infection

“Lack of sleep can increase the risk of injury due to decreased coordination, slow reaction time, and muscle fatigue.” The doctor confesses to Marca.

Therefore, Dr. Gutierrez adds: “Sleeping too few hours can harm performance.” And increasing the risk of injuries and problems in athletes.

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