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It is absolutely impossible to forget Mario’s big premiere on the big screen. The mustacheed plumber is his body Legendary Bob Hoskins in a fondly unforgettable production Despite his unsuccessful adaptation to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, this was not the first time we saw the character in the cinema.

Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach! It is the name given to the 1986 animated film that was released in Japan. Considered the first to be adapted into a video game, it has been for more than 36 years a relic that can only be accessed by the Japanese audience.

However, last year began to rectify this situation. I partnered with a 16mm print fan with FemboyFilms to restore tape. After overcoming many problems with dirt and picture cleanliness, the work was completed in the best possible way. You can now watch free of charge in 4K with English subtitles This gem is lost in time.

While Nintendo has produced a huge amount of merchandising, such as watches, ramen noodles, manga, or art books, there have never been any DVD or Blu-ray releases. The most advanced format you’ve reached Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach! Those were for VHS and Betamax, only in Japan.

Last year we also got to see the amazing work done by a group of hobbyists as they recovered Mario live action movie deleted scenes.

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