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Episodes longer than two hours? The Stranger Things director promises a “spectacular” and “cinematic” ending on Netflix

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Weird things Its fourth season premiered last year and was a huge success in terms of audience, which cannot be surpassed one piece also Wednesday. Its last stretch was episodes lasting over two hours, which not everyone liked, however Shawn LevyThe executive producer and director of the series promised that the last season will be epic, which we have already seen with the latest news, excel any high demand that we imagine.

Weird things It will be more epic, exciting and cinematic in its final episodes and will raise controversy

In a recent interview with Comprehensive movie Levy explained this Weird things, which will say goodbye in its fifth season on Netflix and will do so with a bang. “There’s no way to be continuous with Season 4 and not expand, frankly, in size and depth. It is a first-class cinematic novel and is called a television series“We have already seen this in the fourth batch of episodes, with the chapters exceeding the normal duration, which has led to some discontent among viewers,” adds the director.

It’s as big as any of the biggest movies we watch

Stranger Things 5 As big as any of the biggest movies we see.” He finishes. Yes, the series hasn’t started filming due to the writers’ strike, but it seems that aside from the emotional ending, which is something we intuited, we know it’s going to be more exciting than we can expect from Netflix’s most successful series. When will the highly anticipated series return today? In the new horizon in the audiovisual world, and with the strike of actors and screenwriters paralyzing the progress of production, it is likely that Weird things Filming will begin early next year with a release scheduled for late 2024 or early 2025. Either way, Netflix has a new hit on its hands. This time with cinematic overtones.

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