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Evan Peters: The shocking scene that won him a 2021 Emmy but made him consider leaving Mary of East Town |  Emmy Awards |  Amy |  skip entry

Evan Peters: The shocking scene that won him a 2021 Emmy but made him consider leaving Mary of East Town | Emmy Awards | Amy | skip entry

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“He’s finally got the recognition he deserves.” In 2021, he won the first Emmy of his career and social media networks celebrated with messages like the one we quote here, the achievement of an arrogant film and television buff. Although on the small screen he had several roles – which are often mentioned – in “American Horror Story”, it was “Mare of Easttown”, the HBO Max drama, that earned him a gold medal.

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His portrayal of Detective Colin Zabel is some of the best we’ve seen this year on TV, but one scene became key for us to captivate his work, even though his performance wasn’t easy for the actor.

In the third chapter of “Mare of Easttown,” “Enter Number Two,” Zabel allows us to learn more about his past, albeit not in a heroic way, as he would have liked. The character is in a bar, very drunk, when he gets to know his research partner, Mary, played by Kate Winslet. He approaches and begins to talk about the nature that the critics celebrated.

to frame

In this scene in the bar Detective Zabel wanders about an unsuccessful affair and breakup that occurred in the middle of breakfast. But this is the high emotional load and reality Peters puts into it : “Evan Peters’ drunken scene in ‘Mary in Easttown’ should be hanging in the Louvre.”

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The funny thing is that filming wasn’t easy for the actor, but more than that, he thought he failed utterly and ended up crying in the arms of director Craig Zobel, bent on giving up the series and his job as an actor. a) yes .

“The reason Craig and I hugged at the end of the scene was because I was crying uncontrollably. I thought we didn’t get it right. I was telling him, ‘We couldn’t do it, I can’t do it, I’m terrible.'” “I can’t do this (act) anymore,” Evans recounted. “The irony is that people really liked this scene,” he added.

The trick to making scenes with alcohol

In a later interview Evans also said that to bring naturalness into the gestures of an alcoholic in a pub, they decided to offer him vinegar.

“Sometimes for alcohol scenes they give you water to drink. But it didn’t work. Alcohol tastes terrible. I was thinking what they could give me a drink that has a strong and sour taste. Vinegar! It can taste very ugly, but it also has something nice about it.”

Another curiosity of this scene is connected with a phrase that spread very quickly after the premiere on television: “Let me put my cake” (“Let me leave this bread here”). It was an idea that Peters came up with the night before filming, but he later wondered if it would be included.

“The phrase made me scream and cry at rehearsals, but I insisted on staying,” said director Zobel, highlighting the work of his actor, who, in addition, managed to make a very good Delco accent (typical in the suburbs of Philadelphia). , put where the string is set). The funny thing is that he did it, while at the same time playing the role of Petro Maximov (Quicksilver) en “WandaVision”.

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“It was crazy. I was shooting in Philadelphia, then they would take me to Atlanta and then come back to Philadelphia. To stay in the WandaVision era, I would watch “Full House” and “Malcolm in the Middle.” Then when he came back to Philadelphia, he would eat While watching The First 48. It was weird, but I made it work,” he said. We agree with him.


“Mare of Easttown” is available on HBO Max.

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