June 20, 2024

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Old Harley-Davidson electric bike sold in 2021

Harley-Davidson announced last year that it would make electric bikes under the Serial 1 brand, a limited number of older models that have an estimated release date.

What you see in the photo above is the S1 Mosh/Tribute, a name that reminds us of the first motorcycle the brand made in 1903. It has white tires, leather on the saddle, handles and a black frame with gold lettering.

The bike features a carbon belt drive and Brose brand drivetrain, as well as hydraulic disc brakes, internal cables, and integrated lighting.

It’s not easy to create something like this for such a typecast brand, but they believe they can maintain their identity with vehicles like this, and regular customers are proud to drive this model.

A month ago the brand presented some exclusive electric bikes that were auctioned. The price was 14,200 dollarsSo obviously we’re not talking about affordable bikes but about luxury that very few can afford. The idea is to offer customization and design, since there are many other brands that are able to do this without having to set these prices for strength and practicality.

This model will be the launch of another, more exclusive series, since at the moment they will only make 650 units (half of which are for sale in the US and the other half in Europe).

Given the rate of electric bike thefts in major cities, this is clearly a way to show off in the garage.