May 27, 2022

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Expanded agenda of Guatemalan foreign minister revealed in Chile

Expanded agenda of Guatemalan foreign minister revealed in Chile

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minex) reported on its official page on the social network Twitter and in press releases a meeting in Pecaro with the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Alicia Barcena, to discuss development projects.

At the meeting, the diplomat thanked the Foundation for its support and support in formulating a comprehensive development plan that aims to achieve sustainable development and opportunities at the local level, according to an official statement.

The goal, as the text highlights, is to address the structural causes of migration within a comprehensive vision that addresses the migration cycle from a development, human rights and human security perspective.

The two officials celebrated the recent formation of the PDI Fund in Guatemala, which will allow the implementation of projects identified by the government in order of priority in this framework.

Likewise, they reaffirmed the commitment that the initiative is not just an exercise of goodwill and that tangible and tangible results are being achieved.

During his stay in Chile, Piccaro also held a meeting with the Executive Director of the Chilean Agency for International Development Cooperation, Christian Jara, in order to update the bilateral and trilateral exchange agenda between the two countries.

They also expressed their readiness to hold the fifth meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee based in Guatemala this year, for which they will begin to evaluate and develop program topics, as stated in one of the tweets from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other bilateral exchanges of Piccaro included his counterparts from Chile, Antonia Origola; from Costa Rica, Rodolfo Solano; from Dominican Roberto Alvarez; And from Argentina, Santiago Cafiero.

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According to Menkes’ note, the Guatemalan official extended a cordial greeting to Origola on behalf of President Alejandro Giamatti and emphasized the importance of “the strategic relationship and joint action for mutual benefit.”

The dialogue with Solano allowed “the exchange on bilateral, regional and multilateral priorities in light of the current international situation and the new realities in economic, environmental, migration and security affairs.”

In addition, they took the opportunity to positively assess the leadership of the two countries in the field of the Central American Integration System, whose interim presidency was responsible for Costa Rica and Guatemala in the first and second quarters of 2021.

With Cafiero, BĂșcaro addressed issues of trade, education and development, and identified Minex on their social networks.

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