July 5, 2022

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Sales on the first day without VAT for 2022 exceeded the target by more than a billion dollars

Sales on the first day without VAT for 2022 exceeded the target by more than a billion dollars

BOGOTA – According to preliminary figures, first-day sales without VAT for 2022 moved around $9.1 billion on Friday. This figure is more than a billion dollars more than the target that the traders had ($ 8 billion). 6.8 million invoices were registered.

The items that increased sales the most compared to the first day without VAT last year were sporting goods with 75%, followed by clothing with 57.1%, agricultural products for consumption with 44%, computers and peripherals with 38.4%, and home appliances with 25.1. % according to Diane data.

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Similarly, Dian’s electronic invoicing system reported an increase in sales in Norte de Santander divisions, by 43.86%; Atlantic with 43.20%; Antioquia with 5.78%; and Santander by 2.70%. This difference is marked against the first day without VAT for 2021, by entity.

On the other hand, it was reported that sales through digital channels amounted to 697 thousand million dollars. The number of authorized digital transactions has reached 1.8 million, according to a report by the Colombian Electronic Chamber of Commerce.

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“In a month that has not historically high consumption, what better evidence than the data provided by the electronic billing system in the past two years, to confirm that the growth in consumption has set an important pattern in the dynamics and strength of the Colombian economy,” said Lisandro Junco, Director of Diane.

In addition, the Minister of Commerce, Maria Zimina Lumpana, commented, “Today’s total sales show that today’s scale without VAT has been well received by consumers as well as by merchants and industrialists. Through this valuable tool, we stimulate consumption, electronic billing and collection With enormous benefits for the country.”

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Finally, it is worth noting that the three days without VAT in 2021 saw sales of over $30 billion. The days following tax deductions will be June 17 and December 2.