January 19, 2022

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Experts from several countries are updating oral and dental health

Experts from several countries are updating oral and dental health

Havana-. The X Oral Health Vision Symposium is holding the 9th Oral Cancer Workshop 2021 (StomatoVisión 2021) from Wednesday until December 23rd in a virtual manner, in which renowned experts from different countries will participate.

Sponsored by the Cuban Society of Dental Sciences, the event aims to create a space for knowledge exchange and discussion in the areas of health and biomedicine for professional practice for the benefit of the oral health of the population.

Dentists, alumni, dental technicians and other professionals who work or contribute to oral health regardless of the organization or institution in which they work, refer to the call posted on the Cuba Infomed Health Portal.

Key topics on global oral health. Oral disease prevention. Oral health management and professional practice in times of COVID-19; Preventing oral diseases and promoting health.

New concepts and techniques for treating oral problems. COVID-19 and its impact on oral health; human resource training and distance education; Complementary therapies and news related to oral cancer are on the scientific agenda.

Estela de los ngeles Gispert Abreu, Professor at the National School of Public Health, and President of the Cuban Dental Association, explained that the program of the ninth workshop on oral cancer will include lectures by experts from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy and Cuba, among other countries.

Cuba has a National Program for Comprehensive Dental Care and other national regulations in order to ensure continuous improvement of the oral health of the population through activities appropriate to each context, as well as to promote community and cross-sectoral participation in primary health care.

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