August 17, 2022

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F1 2021: "Horner Wolff is like eight-year-olds arguing"

F1 2021: “Horner Wolff is like eight-year-olds arguing”

TheTensile increases a lot for Red Bull Racing How do mercedes Who are in the midst of an intense title fight. However, the ones that sparked the most controversy are not Max Verstappen and Lewis HamiltonAnd But their squad leaders, Christian Horner and Toto Wolff. former Formula 1 driver, Johnny Herbert He does not have a good opinion of the behavior of these team managers.

Horner Wolf They are having an off-track battle full of accusations between them. HerbertOngoing quarrels between this pair are believed to be putting pressure on mechanics, engineers and even pilots. “In many ways, you want to ask them to grow up. They are like two eight-year-olds arguing in the schoolyard.”, in an interview with the “Sunday Mirror”.

One points to the other and says: ‘Look what he’s doing“. From the outside it seems that the harmony in the team is crumbling, But technicians don’t listen to that noise. They will work hard to find that critical advantage for their drivers.”, continued.

Main Red Bull and Mercedes They have been embroiled in a battle of their own all season, and both have tried to outdo each other on the political side of the sport. First, it was due to Red Bull’s rear wing, later, skepticism about tire pressure, pit stops, modified engines, disqualification, front wings, appeals to Stewards decisions, and even skepticism regarding the legitimacy of the Mercedes rear wing It certainly wouldn’t be the last discussion between them.

While fighting, their drivers put up an incredible battle on the track, which likely won’t be decided until the last race of the season, in Abu Dhabi.

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